Activating Auto Assembly and Auto-Disassembly

You cannot use auto assembly or auto disassembly with Batch or Serial numbered items.

To save you some time when selling your assembled products, you can have these assembled automatically. This is useful for users who have assembled products with a set range of components, i.e. a gift basket that always has wine, chocolates and candles. 

  1. To enable this feature, you need to have the Production module activated, you can do this by going to Settings | Organization | Company
  2. Select the tick box for Enable Auto Assembly as illustrated.

You cannot disable this feature, once it is has been enabled.



Using Auto Assembly

The following is an example of how you can use Auto Assembly.

  1. Once you have enabled Auto Assembly, then whenever you sell an Assembled product it automatically assembles it for you—if there is not enough in stock (presuming you have the relevant components in stock).  As a result, this removes all the hassle of having to assemble products manually, which provides more accuracy.
  2. This feature also calculates automatically —how much of the Assembled product you could potentially assemble and shows this as "Available Qty." on the Sales Order entry page.  
    For example, even though we have 0 qty on hand it will show as 20 available when entering the order because we have enough components in stock to assemble 20.
    The assembled product "ANIMAL" has 0 stock available.



Unleashed calculates how much of the Assembled product "ANIMAL" you can make based on the components you have in stock.

  1. Once you have successfully entered all your lines on an order (including your yet to be assembled products) you can go ahead and click Complete.
    You also have the option to complete the assembly from within the Sales Order by using the Order menu or using the (action cog) for the line.

This is where Unleashed does all the work for you assembling the products behind the scenes. An assembly is created and completed for the relevant quantities and all your stock levels are updated accordingly.

  1. A full audit trail of all assemblies and sales is made so when you are enquiring, you can see exactly what has happened.

When an assembly is linked to a Sales Quantity, an icon displays representing the status of the assembly. When you click on ththe icon it opens up the assembly.


Show breakdown of auto-assembled products

You can easily show the breakdown of  auto-assembled products on documents. You can to view a list of components used and their quantities inside an assembled product. You can display this on a print-out of sales orders, ship notes and sales invoices. The is useful for warehouse picking, assembly and packing or other customer-related information.

This is for an auto-assembled product only.

How it works

You can now expand;

  • Order Lines
  • Ship Note lines
  •  Packing Slip, and
  • Invoice lines they are for products linked to an auto-assembly.

This option displays as a column on the grid component of the Document Designer templates. The field is called "Component Products"


When printing any documents using a template with the 'Component Products' column visible then the expanded state is printed (i.e. the components shown underneath).