After you import or create sales orders in Unleashed, you can use the View Orders page to view and manage your orders.

Viewing Sales Orders

  • Go to Sales | Orders | View Orders.
  • The list of orders is displayed. You can filter by fields.
  • To import multiple orders, click Import. For more information, see Import Sales Orders.
  • To export the existing order details, click Export. You can choose to export as PDF, CSV, XLSX, or XLS.
  • To add a new quote, click Add Quote. For more information, see Add new quote.

Using the Action / Bulk Actions cog


Some of these functions are only available if Order Management is enabled. Order Management is a special feature that is only available for users on specified plans. For more information, see the Unleashed website.

  • Edit: Edit quote details.
  • Ship: Add/Update shipment details and dispatch.
  • Purchase: Create a purchase order. For more information, see Create Purchase Orders.
  • Email 
  • Print
  • Clone: For more information, see Clone Sales Order.

Bulk Actions Cog

The following options are available from the bulk actions cog.