After you import or create customers in Unleashed, you can use the View Customers page to view and manage your customers.

Viewing Customers

  • Go to Customers | View Customers.
  • The list of customers is displayed. You can filter by Customer, Customer Type or Obsolete fields.
  • To import bulk customers details, click Import.
  • To export the existing customer details, click Export. You can choose to export as PDF, CSV, XLSX, or XLS.
  • To add a new customer, click Add Customer. For more information, see Add new customer.
  • You can use the action cog to perform functions at line level.
    • Edit: Edit customer details.
    • Add Quote: Add a sales quote.
    • Add Order: Add a sales order.
    • Add Credit: Park or Complete a free credit.
    • View Transactions: Displays the Sales Enquiry page. You can run or export  a report of sales transactions for the customer.
    • Obsolete: Marks the customer as Obsolete. If you want to revert, open the customer record and clear the Obsolete checkbox.
    • Delete: Deletes the customer. You can only delete customers without any associated transactions.