This guide will show you how you can obsolete old and unused masterfiles such as products, customers and suppliers. Obsoleting will not delete the file however it will hide it from any searches or view pages. This enables you to:

  • Stay within the thresholds for our Mobile Sales App
  • Keep a historic record of how these files are used
  • Make searching faster and easier
  • Remove clutter on all of the "View" pages (View Customers, View Products, View Suppliers)


Obsoleting an individual Product/Customer/Supplier

If you need to obsolete more than a few products at once then we suggest using an import to do this. Read more on this below.

If you only have a few products, customers or suppliers to obsolete then you may want to do this on the file itself. To do this:

  1. Find the Product/Customer/Supplier you want to obsolete — you can use the global search if you know the code or simply go to the relevant "View" page and search from there
  2. On the Product/Customer/Supplier there will be an 'Obsolete' tick-box on the Details tab. Click here to see an example
  3. Tick the 'Obsolete' box and choose Save to mark the file as Obsolete

You cannot obsolete a product if it has stock on hand. Similarly you cannot obsolete products, customers or suppliers if they are on an open transaction


Bulk Obsoleting Products

When you have more than a few products to obsolete we recommend using the import functionality to do this in bulk. You will be able to mark multiple products as obsolete in one import. To do this:

  1. Export your Products from Unleashed — you can do this using the export options in the menu. Click here to see an example
  2. In the exported file find the IsObsolete column and change it to Yes for the products you wish to obsolete

  3. Save that file as a .CSV file type making sure you have not updated any other information in them

  4. Import the file into Unleashed to update the Obsolete status - you can do this using the import options in the menu, similar to exporting in step 1