Once you have created your Vend product CSV, you'll need to import it into your store.

Vend's CSV checker will look for some of the most common import errors in your CSV file before it imports into your store.

1. To validate and import your product CSV you must first navigate to Products -> Products in the sidebar and then select the Import button on the products page. Once here, follow the steps below:

Either drag and drop your CSV file or click browse to search for and add the CSV file.

2. As soon as you place your CSV file here, Vend will immediately perform a quick check to make sure your CSV's columns match. If the validation is successful move straight onto step 6. If Vend detects any errors you will be taken to the 'column matching' screen below:

3. At this stage, you'll be able to view any unmatched columns and fix them by selecting the correct column from the drop-down menu.

You'll also have the option to change the matching of any other columns or choose not to import a specific column.

4. Once you've matched all the columns correctly, click continue. If there are no further column errors during this step move straight onto step 6.

5. If any mandatory columns are missing from your CSV an error screen will appear. From here, you'll be able to view the missing column(s) and download a new version of your CSV to make sure the missing columns are added.

Once you've made the required changes, reimport your CSV file by either dragging or dropping it into the Vend window or starting again from step 1.

6. Once successful, you will be taken to a confirmation screen. From here, click 'continue import' to import the products into your store.

After clicking continue with import, all products will be uploaded into Vend.