The Vend-Xero integration is a link between your Vend store account and your Xero account.

The integration simplifies your store’s accounting by automatically sending daily and account sales, payment totals and invoices from Vend to your Xero accounting system.

This reduces manual data entry, saving you time and increasing accuracy.

Once set-up you will be able to:

  • Easily reconcile your payment deposits in your bank account against your sales totals and payment totals from Vend.

  • View sales, payments and posted stock orders - these will be reflected in your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement in Xero.

  • Match payments made to suppliers against your stock order (accounts payable) invoices and payments from invoiced customers against their account sales.

  • View your profitability against wages, rent, marketing and other expenses in Xero to understand your true real-time performance.

If you’re running a loyalty program using Vend, you’ll also be able to keep track of outstanding loyalty liabilities and the expense to your business.

Important: A Vend store can only be linked to a single Xero organisation. You cannot link separate outlets to separate Xero organisations.

Before you begin

Before turning the Vend-Xero integration on, you need to:

  • Consider the impacts of the integration on any store processes, such as gift cards and cash management. If you are using either of these two features, you will need to make sure you set them correctly with Xero.
  • Make sure you understand the changes to your in-store processes each day if you're using the integration. This includes stock ordering, account sales, and closing your registers. You can read more about how the integration works below.
  • Be aware that once your Xero organisation is linked to your Vend account, it cannot be changed.