Access FAQ

How can I add other access levels?

You can add additional access levels by the ‘/exec/administration/workforce/employee_roles’ backend link, however, we do not recommend this without the assistance of a Deputy support team member.

How can I change other user’s access levels?

To change a user’s access levels, simply edit their profile in the ‘People’ tab. Scroll down to ‘Job Information’ and select their new Access Level via the drop-down box. Click ‘Save Details’ when you’re finished.

How can I customize existing access levels?

You can customize existing access levels through the ‘/exec/administration/workforce/employee_roles’ backend link. However, much like adding access levels, we do not recommend editing these access levels without the assistance of a Deputy support team member.

What access level can see other employee’s contact information?

System Administrators, Location Managers, and Supervisors can see employee contact details, however, they can only see details of people below them on the structural tree and not of people on the same level.

Why can I not edit my employee’s contact information?

Deputy does not allow editing of another user’s contact information for security purposes. For example, if an employee changes primary email address, then that employee can change the details accordingly. An employer may not know when this occurs.

Can someone under the ‘Supervisor’ access level approve their own and other Supervisor’s timesheets?

Supervisors can only approve Employee level timesheets.

Can we allow employees to view the Scheduling page?

No, employees will not have access to view the Schedule page.

Is the System Administrator/Owner considered a user?

Yes, any active user using the system will be considered a user and will be charged per their plan.

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password, simply click ‘My Account’ from the drop-down menu in the top right corner. After that, click ‘Edit Profile’ > ‘Security’ > ‘Reset’. You will need to enter your current password before you can change it to your new password.