While the web browser, iOS, and Android Deputy apps look slightly different, the layout is similar.

Deputy is made to be easy to navigate for every user. To make your way around Deputy, we’ve got clear and easy to read Navigation bar which looks like this:

Deputy's Dashboard


Profile: Accepting Shift Swap

The Me tab is the first thing you’ll see when you log in. This is an information hub that will give you a seven-day overview of your shifts, the number of hours you’re scheduled for in the week, and depending on your workplace let you see who you’re working with. You can also apply for leave and add unavailabilities here, which will be explained later.

From this screen, you can start and end your shift by clicking the ‘Start Shift’ or ‘End Shift’ button in the top right corner. You will also be notified if you are late for your shift, as indicated in the image above.

News Feed

Newsfeed: Employee's view

The News Feed is a central communications hub accessible for everyone. While it can be used for announcements, you can also send News Feed posts to individual employees. Announcements will also be sent via email.

To create a post, click the blue ‘Create Post’ button in the top right corner.

Your employer can make posts that require you to confirm that you have seen them. When this occurs, the post will look like the following:

Employee's Newsfeed

You just need to click the ‘I Confirm’ button, which will notify your managers/employers that you’ve read the News Feed post.


Tasks: Employee's view

The Tasks page lists all of your assigned tasks. Tasks can be assigned by managers, or you can assign yourself a task as a reminder. To mark the task as Completed, just click the checkbox next to the task.


Locations: Employee's view

The Locations page provides a list of the places you are employed in, along with the address of the business. It will list all the locations if you work at multiple locations, provided it’s been entered as such by the managers. If you click on the Location Address, a pop-up will appear with the location of the business marked by a pin on Google Maps.