There may be cases where you have planned a holiday or a non-related work event. To ensure you aren’t scheduled in, here’s how to apply for leave or set unavailability dates.

Applying via a web browser

Log into your Deputy account via In the Navigation bar, click ‘Hello [your name] and a drop down box will appear. Click ‘My Profile’.

Navigation bar: Dropdown menu options

From here, you will see your profile. Under your details are the ‘Unavailability’ and ‘Leave’ sections. Click ‘Add New’, enter the details for leave and press ‘Add’.


Set unavailability

Under Unavailability, you can choose a specific date, and if it is a recurring date that you will be unable to work. For example, if caretaker responsibilities only occur on a Friday every week, you can set this to occur Weekly. You can also set up a time frame on the day you are unavailable. While this does not guarantee that you cannot work, it means that the time/date you’ve applied for will be placed under consideration when they work out the next schedule.


The Leave page looks much like the Unavailability page with a few important differences. When applying for leave, you cannot have it happen weekly, like you can for Unavailability. You must also enter the manager’s names whom you wish to notify. This is because the leave request can be Approved or Declined. The manager can also leave a ‘note’ in your request once it’s approved or denied to explain why it was or wasn’t granted.

Add New Leave

Your leave requests and approval status can be viewed on your profile. It will look like the following:

Leave Summary

Applying via the smartphone application


Applying for leave and setting unavailability on your smartphone app works the same as the web browser.

Simply navigate to the ‘Me’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Time Off’ section. Now tap on the appropriate button (Leave or Unavailability). On the next page, tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner, enter the leave details and submit the form.

iOS: Leave requests and different stages (pending, declined, approved)

Leave summary on iOS

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