When scheduling for any shift based industry it is important to schedule your staff based on the expected revenue to make more sales and pay fewer hours. 

For example, knowing that you typically make many sales on a Wednesday afternoon allows you to plan in advance how many employees to schedule. Deputy allows you to enter your sales budget against your schedule. 

Using the sales data in conjunction with the graph will allow you to create an optimal schedule to minimize costs and maximize revenue.

Entering Budgets

If you are not importing your sales from your POS system (or would like to set your own forecast) you can manually enter the sales budget. To do so please go to the Scheduling page then click on ‘Statisics’, then on the left side, click ‘Sales’. Once here, you can put in your budget per hour for every location.


How Do I Use The Graph?

Using the Graph can make analyzing your data significantly easier. 

It will show you an overview of the shifts for a particular day, allowing you to visually compare your scheduled hours vs. your sales. 

If for example, you expect more sales in the middle of the day you can schedule your employees so that their shifts favor the lunch rush.

The Blue indicates the scheduled hours and the Orange indicate your expected sales revenue based on prior data. The vertical axis indicates an increasing quantity and the horizontal axis indicates the time. A higher block of blue would mean more hours in a given period whereas a longer, shorter block would mean fewer hours total but longer trading hours.

If you would like to quickly see the hours a particular employee is working then you can select the employee by clicking on their name and refer to the graph to check, displaying the hours clearly in Red.


In the Reports screen, the Roster vs Timesheet vs Sales report will give you a clear overview of past data. The graph preview will show the scheduled hours (blue) total hours approved (green) vs actual sales data (yellow)

Report's Graph Overview

Running the full report will provide a detailed breakdown of the rostered hours for each employee, approved timesheet hours and the amount of revenue they generated for the business.

You can toggle departments on and off in include/exclude their figures by clicking the checkbox on the left, next to the name of the area.

Report's Departments' Panel