What are On-Account Sales in Vend?

On Account sales are sales are used to track product purchases that the customer intends to pay off at a later date.

To place a sale On Account:

  • Ensure the customer is added to the sale.
  • Click Pay.
  • Click On Account.
  • Issue the customer a receipt.

The sale will be shifted to On Account status, and the customer will have a balance-owing recorded against their name. Each time that customer is added to a sale, you will be able to see any outstanding balance on their account. Once the balance reaches 0, the sale will be closed.

Opening an On Account sale:

1. To open an On Account sale, tap the Menu button on the top left-hand side of the screen.

2. Click on Sales History.

3. Find the On Account sale and click on it.

4. Choose the Open Sale button. The sale will then open on your Sell Screen.