The Unleashed Sandbox creates a copy of your organization in a separate environment. This environment allows you to develop, test and learn without affecting the data in your live Unleashed account. 

Points to Note

  • Only the account owner can create the Sandbox.
  • Ensure that the Organization Sandbox feature is enabled by the administrator for your account
  • You can only have one sandbox per account. Once you have created your Sandbox, it is available for 21 days.
  • The users in your Production account are copied into the sandbox and are automatically granted access to the Sandbox.  
  • When you create a sandbox, it is created from a backup and maybe up to a day old.
  • Deleting the sandbox and recreating it within a 24 hour period, will restore the sandbox and not create a new sandbox.

Creating the Sandbox

  1. Go to the My Account page
  2. Click Create Sandbox 
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes to continue or No to exit. A notification is displayed after the sandbox is successfully created.

Using the Sandbox

When in Sandbox mode, you cannot integrate with other applications or adjust your Organization settings.

  1. Go to the My Account page.
  2. Select the Sandbox account and click View 
  3.  A message is displayed at the top of the screen to indicate that you are using the Sandbox .

Deleting the Sandbox

  1. In the Sandbox account, go to the My Account page.
  2. Select your live Unleashed account and click View.
  3. In the live Unleashed account, go to the My Account page.
  4. Click Delete Sandbox.
  5. In the confirmation pop-up, click Yes.
  6. You will receive a notification confirming the sandbox deletion.