Setting up Promo Codes for Advanced Promotions

Note: Advanced Promotions are only available for retailers who are on vend's latest Pro, Enterprise, Advanced or Multi-Outlet pricing plans. For more information on the types of advanced promotions you can set up in Vend.

1. Navigate to Products -> Promotions.

Note: If you are using the Vend on iPad app to set up promo codes for your store, first click on Dashboard which will open the web version of Vend on your iPad. You will then be able to follow the steps set out in this section to set up your promo codes.

2. Click the Add Promotion.

3. Give this advanced promotion a name, short description, date range and choose which outlet(s) this promotion will apply to.

Note: If you select All Outlets, any future outlets that are added to your store will also be included under this promotion.

4. Next, choose the type of promotion. In this case, select Advanced.

5. Set the values for your promotion. In the example below, we have chosen to give customers a free t-shirt when they purchase between 1-5 t-shirts in store.

6. In the Target this Promotion section, select Exclusive to Some.

7. You will then see the Apply a Promo Code option. Select this.

8. A screen will show you the steps to take to set up promo codes in your store.

9. Add your custom promo codes. When creating a new promo code, make sure that you use unique and specific promo codes, as you will not be able to reuse or edit a promo code once it has expired or been created. For example, if you are creating a Christmas Promo Code, make it specific to the year, i.e. christmassale2018, as opposed to christmassale.

The promo codes can be redeemed as many times as you decide. You may add a max Number of Redemptions to limit the number of times a specific promo code is redeemed. For more information on adding a redemption limit to your promo codes, click here.

Note: Promo codes are not case sensitive and cannot contain spaces. You will also not have an option to edit your promo codes. Therefore, make sure that the promo codes are correct before you finish.

10. Once you have added all your custom Promo Codes, select Add New Codes.

11. Finally, decide whether you want to offer Loyalty with this promotion. Click Save to create your new Basic Promotion with Promo Codes.

You can test this promotion by adding the relevant product and customer group to the sell screen when processing a sale.