Can I change a Layby sale to an On Account sale or vice versa?


No - once a sale has been processed as a Layby or On Account sale, it cannot be changed to another type of sale.

You need to void the sale and recreate it as the correct sale type.

Steps that needs to be followed in order to recreate the sale as a 'On Account' sale:

Step1: Voiding the original sale:

  1. Click Sales Ledger
  2. Search/Click the sale
  3. Click Void

Step 2: Recreating the sale to change the sale type:

  1. Replicate the sale in the sell-screen
  2. Process it as the correct sales type
  3. If you originally took cash, click Pay then Cash (you can skip steps 4 to 8)
    If you took a different payment type, Park the sale
  4. Click Sales ledger
  5. Search/Click the sale
  6. Click Apply payment/refund
  7. Click the correct payment type
  8. Type the correct payment amount