Importing matrix items

To import inventory items via our Retail Imports team, please refer to this article.


The Item Import tool handles matrix items differently than normal singles and non-inventory items. Here is a full outline on how the Item Import tool handles matrix items upon creating and updating them.

Considerations upon creating matrix items

  • Matrix items with new Attributes (1-3) can be created through an import.

Considerations upon updating matrix items

  • Matrix Description cannot be updated.
  • The following fields can be updated on matrix items. Changing these fields will update every variant in the matrix:
    • Brand
    • Category
    • Subcategory 1-9
    • Tax Class
    • Vendor
    • Item Type (Single/Non-Inventory/Assembly/Box)
    • Serialized (true/false)
  • The following fields can be updated on a matrix item. Changing these fields will update the individualvariant in the matrix:
    • UPC
    • EAN
    • Custom SKU
    • Manufacturer SKU
    • Price
    • MSRP
    • Online Price
    • Default Cost
    • Reorder Point
    • Reorder Level
    • Vendor ID
    • Publish to eCom
    • Tags (Clear Existing/Add)
    • Image 
  • Matrix Attribute Set cannot be updated (for example: changing Color to Color/Size)
  • Attributes (1-3) cannot be updated or removed.
  • Matrix items can be Archived, but archiving variants will not archive the matrix itself.
  • Matrix items cannot be updated to be removed from a matrix.
  • The quantity on hand and unit cost of your matrix items can only be imported upon their creation. They can't be updated.