How to change my Vend plan?

Important Note:

You can change your pricing plan, either by upgrading or downsizing, at any time. For simplicity, it is easiest to change your plan at the end of your billing cycle (monthly or annually).

If you change pricing plan part way through a month (or year, for annual billing), your pricing will be prorated. Your billing date will also change to the date you initiated the pricing plan change. This can look pretty confusing on your bill.

This is what happens:

  • When you change your pricing plan, Vend restarts your billing from the day you make the change.
  • Any remaining days from your previous month (or year, for annual billing) are shown as a credit adjustment on your invoice.
  • The charges for the next full month (or year, for annual billing) on your new plan are added to your invoice.
  • Your bill total = full new charge - amount credited.
  • Payment will be taken the day you make the change.


  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Billing
  3. Click View our Pricing Plans
  4. Click Select Plan on the plan you want to switch to
  5. Scroll down to 'Billing' and click on Annual Billing or Monthly Billing 
  6. Click Switch Plan