Activating, Billing, and Cancelling Vend

Activating, Billing, and Cancelling Vend

I want to activate my account

Awesome! If you've made any trial sales before activating your account, you may want to delete these.

Contact our Support Team for assistance completing this, so we can make sure you don't delete the wrong things accidentally.

If you're ready, open the Setup menu, and click 'Account'. The account level that best suits your data will be automatically highlighted.

All you need to do is choose whether you'd like Premium Support and if you'd like to be billed annually, or each month. Then, fill in your credit card details, and hit 'Activate your account'.

Don't forget to enter your coupon code if you have one!

How does Vend billing work?

Does Vend bill in advance, or in arrears?

Vend bills in advance. This means that the charge you pay each month (or each year) is for the next month (or year) rather than the previous one.

Priority phone support is always billed monthly. Read more about priority phone support here

I'm changing my pricing plan. How does it work?

You can change your pricing plan at any time. For simplicity, it's easiest to change your plan at the end of your billing cycle (month or year).

If you change pricing plan part way through a month (or year, for annual billing), your pricing will be pro-rated. Your billing date will also change to the date you initiated the pricing plan change. This can look pretty confusing on your bill.

This is what happens:

  • When you change your pricing plan, we restart your billing from the day you make the change.
  • Any remaining days from your previous month (or year, for annual billing) are shown as a credit adjustment on your bill statement
  • The charges for the next full month (or year, for annual billing) on your new plan are added to your bill statement
  • Your bill total = full new charge - amount credited
  • Payment will be taken the day you make the change

This applies to the following changes:

  • Changing base pricing plan
  • Adding or removing a register
  • Changing from monthly billing to annual billing
  • Manually changing to a lower plan if your usage has decreased.

Will my pricing plan automatically decrease if I lower my usage?

Sometimes, your business might downgrade. For instance, you might close an outlet.

Vend does not automatically lower your pricing plan if you delete an outlet, user, products or customers. There are some special conditions for registers outlined below.

I want to add or remove a register

Registers can be added or removed on the outlet page in Vend. When you add a register, you'll be charged an additional amount each month. You may also be prompted to change your pricing plan if your plan does not allow more than one register.

When you remove it, we'll remove the additional register charge. The method used for this is outlined above.

Important: When you remove the register, you will not automatically revert to your base plan. Remember to check the pricing plan page.

I'm confused about my bill statement. Help!

Sometimes, bill statements can be confusing, especially if you've changed pricing plan part way through a month.

Here are some basic pointers to help you understand your bill:

  • There are three types of credits/debits that appear on your bill:

    • Charges: This is the cost of your Vend pricing plan, including registers.
  • Adjustments: These are changes our team at Vend makes to your bill. The most common examples are discounts from coupons, credits from changing your pricing plan part-way through the month, or refunds.

    • Payments: This is the actual amount billed to your credit card. It's calculated by taking the total charges and subtracting any adjustments.
  • If you've changed pricing plan part-way through the month, you'll see an adjustment for the credit of the old pricing plan, and a charge for the full month on the new plan.

  • If you've got a discount from a voucher/coupon code, this will appear as an adjustment. The full value of the pricing plan will still be shown under 'charges'.

What is annual billing?

Annual billing means you pay for 12 months of Vend access up-front. This reduces your credit card processing fees, especially for international customers, and gives you a discount on your Vend fees. Annual billing gives you a discount of around 15%.

I want to change whether I'm billed monthly or yearly

If you're a new customer, you can select annual or monthly billing when you sign up.

If you're an existing customer, contact our Support team at to change your billing type

I think I've been overcharged

If you think you've been overcharged, the first thing to do is check your credit card statement. Confirm the charges on your credit card statement match the 'payment' charges on your Vend statement.

If these charges do not match, contact our Support Team.

If the charges do match, read the explanation of bill statements and the explanation of how Vend manages pricing plan changes

If you still believe your charges are incorrect, contact our Support Team.

Priority Phone Support

Priority Phone Support costs $19 per month (£10 GBP) and will be billed out on a monthly basis.

With priority phone support, you'll be able to call our support team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our support team can work with you to solve your problem, or to show you how to use a feature of Vend you're confused about.

Note: Priority phone support is included for free for Multi-Outlet plans.

To sign up for priority phone support, navigate to Setup -> Accounts on the Vend sidebar and choose Priority Phone Support under Select Additional Options.

My payment failed. What do I do?

Payments may fail for a number of reasons. We'll send you an email and also show you a notification in Vend if we have a problem with your payment.

If your payment fails, try the steps below:

  • Check the expiry date on the card
  • Check the card number to ensure it's not an old or cancelled card
  • If you're not from New Zealand or Australia, check with your bank to see if your credit card is authorised for a New Zealand company to charge.
  • Update your card details in Vend under Setup > Payments.

Vend will automatically try to take your payment again when you update your card details.

If your payment still fails, contact our Support Team.

I need to update my credit card details

You can update your credit card details on the Account tab, under the Setup menu.

You can change these details at any time. If you change them after a payment has failed, Vend will automatically attempt to process the payment again.

I want to put my account on hold.

If you'd like to temporarily put your account on hold, contact our Support Team. Vend offers an 'On-Ice' service, where we retain all your store data until you're ready to use your account again.

The On-Ice service costs US $5 / NZ $7 / UK £5 per month.

While your account is on-ice, you will not be able to access your data. However the data will be saved.

Important: If you are using Vend Ecommerce you will not be able to set your Vend account to 'on-ice'.

I want to cancel my account

Naturally, we're sorry to see you go, but if you'd like to cancel your account permanently, follow the steps below.

If you've been using your store for sales, rather than trialling, we recommend you export your data from your store before you begin.

There are different data exports available:

  • Export your sales history. Sales history can be exported 1000 lines at a time. This is exported on the Sales History page.
  • Export your product list. This is exported on the Products page.
  • Export your customer list. This is exported on the Customers page.
  • Export any reports you might need. Each reporting page has an export button

Once you've exported all your data, you're ready to cancel your account.

In Vend, go to the setup page. Click the 'Account' tab. At the bottom of the page, beneath your Billing Information, is a 'Delete your Vend account' button.

Click the 'Delete your Vend account' button.

You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

As Vend is billed in advance, you won't get any further charges on your credit card.

If you cancel part-way through the month, you will not receive a refund for the unused time.

The final month's charges are not pro-rated if you cancel part-way through the month.

How do I change the contact details for my account?

If you change your email address, or you change the person responsible for your account with Vend, you'll need to update your contact details.

Contact our Support Team with the new details, and we'll make sure your account is updated.

How do I unsusbscribe from marketing emails?

Vend sends occasional marketing emails and newsletters

If you would like to stop receiving these, click the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email.

Customers who have unsubscribed will still receive billing emails, and emails from our Support team if they send us a help request.

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