Add Bill of Materials

Add Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials page lets you create and maintain the components and quantities that make your finished goods. When creating a new Bill of Materials, first select the product to be created.

All assembled products must be created in Unleashed, as well as the Component products. You need to have one Bill of Materials (BOM) for each manufactured product. Also, the value of the finished product is the sum of the value of all component quantities.

Adding a Bill of Materials

  1. Go to Production | Bill of Materials | Add Bill of Materials
  2. Specify the product code.  If you add a Never Diminishing product, note the following points:
    • If you have an accounting provider integration with Unleashed, the Expense Account drop-down list will be available ONLY for Never Diminishing products.
    • The Expense Account field values are retrieved from the linked accounts in the Accounting provider. Ensure that you select the correct account.
    • When you complete an assembly or disassembly, a journal will be passed to the integrated accounting provider.
    •  The Unit Cost is displayed and you can edit the cost if required.

  1. Select Can Auto Assemble and/or Can Auto Disassemble to automatically assemble or disassemble products on the fly. The benefit of Disassembly is that upon receipting a purchase order, your product is disassembled automatically.  
  2. Specify the component and quantity of the component required for the finished goods.
  3. The Wastage Qty field allows you to include a margin of error in the BOM calculation. When you assemble your finished goods, the wastage quantity and assembly quantity will not be included in the component products stock on hand count. The value of quantity and wastage quantity of the component is assigned to the finished product. For all components in a BOM the value of the finished product is the sum of the value of all component quantities.
  4. Click Save. You can also Print, Clone, or Delete the bill  of materials.

You cannot delete a Bill of Materials once it has been used for an Assembly.

Bill of Materials video tutorial

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