Add New Customer

Add New Customer

The Add Customer page enables you to add a new customer. You can also import customers into Unleashed. 

Points to Note

  • Ensure that each customer code is unique. Avoid using '0' or '00' at the beginning of your Customer Codes.
  • The customer currency will default to your base currency. The currency cannot be edited once the customer has been used on a sales order.
  • If you have a customer using multiple currencies, you need to have a different customer code and name for each customer and each currency.

Adding a New Customer

  1. Go to Customers | Add Customer. Complete the required information for the following tabs.


  • The Customer Code and Customer Name are required. 
  • Customer Type - The customer type value is used typically to group sales reporting by the types of customers you sell to. For more information, see Customer Types
  • Salesperson - Associate a salesperon with sales orders allowing you to view which salesperson is related to each sale. For more information, see Salespersons Setup.
  • Default Delivery Address - Select the default delivery address. You can enter the details on the Address Tab or Delivery Tab.
  • Default Warehouse - Select the default warehouse. You can add and edit warehouses from Settings | System | Warehouses.
  • Print Quote: Prints the completed sales quotes using the selected Document Designer template. 
  • Print Invoice: Prints the completed sales order using the selected Document Designer template.
  • Obsolete: If selected, the customer is marked as ''Obsolete'' and it will not be displayed in search results.
  • Stop Credit: If selected, the specified customer will not be able to create any credit related tasks, i.e. the customer will not be able to create sales orders.
  • Reminder: You can add a reminder which will display each time the customer is selected on a Sales Quote or Sales Order. Click to expand/collapse screenshot.



  • Customer address details. When connected to an accounting provider, you can use the address for billing and invoicing.
  • Ensure that you specify an Address Name.


  • Customer contact details. The first contact entered will automatically be marked as the default contact.
  • You can change the default contact from the Action cog.
  • The first six contacts including the default will be exported to the integrated accounting provider.


  • Customer delivery address details where the order will be shipped.
  • Ensure that you specify an Address Name.
  • You can specify a default delivery address for this customer, by selecting the address name from the Default Delivery Address drop-down list on the Details tab.

Quotes, Orders, Credits

  • Displays the sales quotes, sales orders, and credits associated with the customer. You can filter credits based on the credit status.

Customer Pricing

  • This feature is available on selected subscription plans. For more information, see Pricing.
  • If you want to provide a special price or discount for products only for this customer, you can add the required details to the respective fields.

The price you set for the products on this tab will override the Sell Price Tier Price and Default Sell Price for the product. The figure illustrates how the price calculation works for customer prices.

  1. Type the product name or search for the required product. The Default Sell Price for the selected product is displayed.
  2. Select the Discount Type from the drop-down list. The discount type value will be applied only for this customer.
    • Fixed price: If you want to offer a fixed price discount. 
    • Discount %: If you want to offer a discount percentage. You can enter any number between 1 to 100 only. 
  3. Enter the Price / Discount details.
  4. Add comments for reference.
  5. Click Add.
  • Click Import if you want to bulk import the customer pricing details for multiple customers and products.
  • To export customer product prices for the current customer, click Export.
  • To export customer product prices for all customers, go to Customers | Import/Export, and click Export | Customer Pricing.

Customer Pricing Tutorial

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