Add Sales Quotes

Add Sales Quotes

The Add Sales Quote page enables you to enter quote(s) for a customer. 

  • Quotes have their own unique prefix that can be accessed and edited from Settings | System | Prefixes. New quotes are assigned to the next available quote number. 

  • Sales orders created from sales quotes will use the next available sales order number — the numbers may not match, i.e. SQ-00008 will not necessarily create a sales order number SI-00008.

  • You can create multiple sales orders from one sales quote.

  • You can create a quote only for existing customers. 

  • You can create a quote for stock that is not on hand.

  • You can add Charges to Sales Quotes. The charge total and other totals adjust accordingly. When accepting a Quote, all charge lines are included on the sales order as well.

Charges use the same currency as the customer.

Adding a New Quote

  1. Go to Sales | Quotes | Add Quote.
  2. Select a Customer.
  3. Complete the following details:
  • Customer Reference: The reference details will be copied to the reference field for the sales order.
  • Discount (%): Defaults from the discount field in the customer.

The discount entered in this field will not be applied to product lines that have a special price associated with the product for the selected customer. For more information, see Customer Pricing Tab.

  • Tax Rate: If you have set up a tax rate for the customer then it displays here. The Tax Rate used is based on the tax hierarchy in Unleashed (Settings | System | Taxes).
  • Warehouse: Select the warehouse that you are selling from and where the stock will be taken out of.
  • Delivery Method, Delivery Name and Address fields: Select/enter the required values.
  • Salesperson: Can be configured from System | Settings | Salespersons. This value can be used to generate the Quote Enquiry report for each salesperson. Sales enquiries can be filtered for a certain salesperson, and sales figures compared between individuals for performance tracking. You can use the filter on the Margin Enquiry to see what sales have been made by particular sales person. Other useful data analysis could include planning commission structures. 
  • Sales Order Group: Can be configured under System | Settings | Sales Groups. This value can be used for grouping in the following reports: Margin Enquiry, Unit Sales Enquiry, Quote Enquiry, Sales Enquiry, and Invoice Enquiry. For more information, see Sales Order Groups.
  • TemplateThe doc designer template you want to use for printing. For more information, see Document Designer.
  1. Enter the product details:
  • Product: Select the product. Unleashed displays the available amount in the Availability field. 
  • Quantity: Check the value displayed in the Availability field and enter the required quantity. 
  • Price: Displays the unit price of the specified product.

If you have a special price associated with the product for the selected customer, it will be displayed in Red with a tooltip. The special price will override the Default Sell Price and Sell Price Tier Price. 

  • Discount: If you want to provide a discount percentage, enter the value. This will override the discount specified in the Discount (%) field. However, if you update the value in the Discount (%) field, it will override the value you have entered. 
  • MarginDisplays the margin amount for the specified product. This is calculated as: (selling price - costed amount) / selling price. 
  1. You can add additional charges like freight using the charge lines. 
    • Charge: Reference for the charge you are adding. For example: Freight.
    • Price: Enter the required value.  
    • Sales Account: This field is visible only if you have an accounting provider integration and is the account the charge value will be posted to.
    • Tax Rate: This is the default customer tax rate. You cannot change this value.
  2. Select the required action:
  • Save
    • Draft: Default setting. If you want to add or update details before sending to the customer, you can keep the quote in a Draft status.
    • Pending: You can edit the quote. This status can be used if you have sent the quote to the customer, but it has not yet been accepted.
    • Accept: After the customer has confirmed that they want to proceed and no other changes are required, you can Accept the quote. Once a quote has been accepted, it cannot be deleted. You can create multiple sales orders from an Accepted quote. 
    • Cancel
  • Create Order: You can create a sales order once the quote is in Accepted status. For more information, see Adding Sales Orders.
  • Print: Prints the quote to a PDF file. 
  • Email: The Reply To address is the email address you have recorded in the Company Settings and it will be sent to the customers email.
  • Delete: You can only delete quotes with a Draft or Pending status.

Cloning a Quote

You can use the Clone button to copy the contents of the current quote into a new quote.

  1. Customer: It can be the same customer or you can select a different customer. 
  2. Customer Reference: Add reference notes which will be displayed in the integrated accounting provider reference field.

  3. Use customer price and discount checkbox:

    • Selected: Recalculates the price and discount on the quote for the customer you have selected.

    •  Deselected: Uses the price and discount of the quote you are cloning irrespective of the customer selected.

Sales Quote Tutorial

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