Add Warehouse Transfer

Add Warehouse Transfer

If you want to transfer stock between warehouses, you can add a warehouse transfer. For more information about adding and setting up warehouses, see Warehouses. You can also import multiple warehouse transfers.

Adding a Warehouse Transfer

  1. Go to Inventory | Transactions | Warehouse Transfers.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select the Source and Destination warehouse.
  4. Add the required products.
  5. Select one of the following options:
    • Click Park to save the details and if you need to make further changes. Note: The stock will be allocated in the Source warehouse but will not be available in the Destination warehouse. The stock will be "in transit". You can view the details on the following reports:
      • Reports | Purchase | Reorder Report : On Transfer column 
      • Reports | Inventory | Product Allocations: Allocated To and Allocated Quantity columns 
    • Click Complete if all details are final and you do not need to make any further changes

Printing, Emailing, or Deleting Warehouse Transfers

You can Print, Email, or Delete the warehouse transfers.

  • Email: Select Email Source or Email Destination and complete the required details. If you click Email, the default option is Email Source. For more information about adding a new warehouse and setting up the email options, see Adding a new warehouse.

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