Add your mPOP device to the Vend App:

Add your mPOP device to the Vend App:

To add your mPOP device to the Vend App:

1. Open the Vend Register app and Tap the menu icon. The sidebar will open.
2. Select Settings -> Hardware -> Add Printer to generate the “add printer” form:
hardware menu
3. Tap the 'Printer Model' section to choose your printer model.
4. To auto-add printer select 'Star mPOP'.
5. Select a name for your mPOP. This can be anything you choose such as “Cashier mPOP” or “Printer/Cash Drawer”. Type your selection in the “name” field.
6. Select one of the following receipt options:
a standard receipt - this is a typical end-of-sale receipt.
a secondary receipt - this is a receipt that only prints certain items.
7. Choose whether you'd like your receipts to be printed automatically. If you do not automatically print a receipt, you will not be able to manually print one during the sale.
8. Choose the number of receipt copies you’d like to print for each sale
9. Enable the Cash Drawer option:
10. Click “save” to add your mPOP:

Run a test sale to ensure your setup is successful. Remember to void the test sale after your receipt is printed

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