Adding widgets to your dashboard

Adding widgets to your dashboard

Do you use third-party applications with Vend? With widgets you can add information from third-party apps to your Vend dashboard. Widgets appear as charts, graphs, calendars and lots of other useful formats, depending on the application.

Widgets can be viewed by all users of your Vend account.

Adding Widgets:

Widgets can only be added, edited or removed by admin or manager-level users.

  1. If you use a third party application that offers a widget, a "Custom Widgets" button will automatically appear in the grey tool bar on your dashboard. custom_widgets.png
  2. Clicking on "Custom Widgets" will open a pop-up window with a line for the widget's URL. All Vend Dashboard Widget URLs will be provided by the third party application. Just copy and paste this URL into the pop-up window. No editing necessary. 

  3. To add more than one widget, click "Add another widget" and a new line will become available. You can add as many widgets as you like. Adding_Widgets.png

  4. The widgets will appear on your dashboard in the order they are arranged in the Custom Widget pop-up window. You can easily reorder these by dragging and dropping the individual lines. Drag_and_Drop_Widgets.png

  5. Removing widgets is as easy as clicking the grey X next to the URL of the widget you no longer want. (You can always add it again later if you change your mind.)

  6. Your new widget(s) will appear on your dashboard beneath the "My Sales" graph and chart, and above reporting. 

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