Advanced company settings

Advanced company settings

Adding terms & details to purchase orders

For those users who clarify payment details with their suppliers through other correspondence, this can be done on your purchase orders.



Comments are entered while doing the purchase order, in the Comments field above the Product Entry Lines. Payment Terms are established on a supplier by supplier basis in supplier setup.



Finally, enter your payment details through Settings | Organization | Company

This means that when sending a purchase order to a supplier there will be a clearer understanding of the terms, details, and conditions of payment. Being contained on one document this eliminates the risk of these being lost in transit when being sent separately.


How to customize the name of Purchase Orders

  1.  Simply enter this field whatever title you require for a purchase order.

  2. And tick the Enable check box to set this option.



When you produce a purchase order the new name displays.


This will not affect the Prefixes you have already established within Unleashed.  In the screen shot above --despite the purchase order now being named RCTI  it has a prefix of PO.  This should not be an issue when conducting business, but is something you should be aware of.



The features page displays all the features you have access to on your current version of Unleashed. If you tick one or all the check boxes in the Available column and save accordingly, then they will become available within the Unleashed application. In this instance, it is a Demo Version subscription.


Features available to you will vary, depending on your subscription.



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