Cash Management in Vend

Cash Management in Vend

Before Getting Started

There are a few important things to know about Vend's Cash Management feature.

  • Cash management is automatically enabled for each of the registers you want to use it on.

  • If you integrate with Xero and are looking to set up cash management, you must follow these steps here. If you do not map the correct account codes in the Vend - Xero mappings page, cash movements will not flow through to Xero.

Using Cash Management

Adding your float

When opening your register for the day, you will be given the option to add a cash float. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. First, head to Sell -> Cash Management.

2. You will be informed that your Register is closed and have the option to add an Opening Float.

3. Add your desired cash float amount under the Opening Float section.

4. At this stage, you may also wish to add a note to provide further detail about the float.

5. Physically add your cash float to your cash drawer and click Open Register.

Adding and Removing Cash

Throughout the day you may want to add or remove cash from the cash drawer. To add or remove cash, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Sell -> Cash Management. Here you will see the option to add cash, remove cash, or view any cash movement activity.

Four options are available when adding or removing cash.

Cash out:

You can use this option to track any cash you remove from your cash drawer. Cash out can be used to track actions such as safe drops, where you may need to remove cash from your drawer during the day for safekeeping.

Petty cash out:

Sometimes you might need to take money out of the cash drawer for store expenses such as cleaning products or stationary. Using the petty cash out option will allow you to keep a record of this.

Cash in:

This allows you to track any additional money you put into your cash drawer. This is used to increase your float amount during the day if required.

Petty cash in:

Select this option if you need to put some of the petty cash you've taken out, back into the cash drawer. If you take out more petty cash than you spend, you may be left with some change. You can put this change back into your cash drawer using the 'petty cash in' option.

Tallying your end of day totals

To review the day's cash movements, you will need to close your register.

To do this, select Close Register from the side menu.

This will take you to the register closure screen. In here, you will need to enter the day's counted cash (including your float) against the expected cash in your cash drawer.

Important: Once you complete your register closure, all of the day's cash (including any cash movements and float) will be recorded as removed and Vend will assume that nothing is left over in your physical cash drawer. If you are carrying across your float to your next day of trading, you'll need to re-input this when you next open your register.

You will also need to confirm the rest of the day's payments (such as credit card payments) below.

Confirm these amounts and add an optional note if you like.

Lastly, review your expected and counted totals for today's payments and view a breakdown of all of the day's cash movements.

If you'd like, you can print this summary off to keep a physical reference of the closure.

Notice Discrepancies?

If your physical count is less than your expected count in Vend, this difference will be recorded as a shortfall. If it is more than the expected count, Vend will record the excess amount as an over payment.

If you are integrated with Xero, these will be sent as till discrepancies/rounding errors.

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