Client Retail Checklist

Client Retail Checklist

Sr. No.Tasks

Close/Void all parked sales

Ensure all petty cash transactions have been entered correctly

Print Z report from your credit card machine to ensure totals match those in Lightspeed Retail

Enter all of the day's sales as counted across cash, credit cards

Enter a closure note if needed

Ensure Cash sales amount has been removed from the till and put in safe with today's date.

Ensure the daily assigned float amount is left behind within the cash drawer

Close Register

Call appropriate team member for any comments/updates

Purchase orders entered for the day/week/month and emailed to suppliers

Ensure that Purchase Orders have the correct name and correct supplier

If receiving purchase orders, ensure items are counted prior to marking the order "RECEIVED"

Send over a report of completed Stock Orders to Accounting Team

Log into Lightspeed Retail and confirm if there are any pending stock takes to be completed

If yes, confirm start time and day and begin count making sure no sales are happening at the count time

Delete any old or obsolete counts

Upon completion, confirm with manager to let them know stock take is completed

Manager, ensure stock count is reviewed and completed before store activity resumes

Send over a report of completed Stock Takes to your Accounting Team
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