Credit Reasons

Credit Reasons

About Credit Reasons

You can access the Credit Reasons page from Settings | System | Credit Reasons.

Credit Reasons can be used to report on why credits are happening in your business. Every credit that is completed can be given a reason to help;

  • transparency and
  • aid your audit trail,
  • as well as improve your business (i.e. how much money did I credit customer due to keying errors this month?). 

They are used when entering credit notes, and can include suggestions such as 'faulty good' or 'change of mind'. The credit reason is recorded on the line for the item being credited or returned. 


Credit Reasons video tutorial

How to add Credit Reasons

  1. Go to the Credit Reasons page, from the Settings | System | Credit Reasons menu.
  2. Type in the new reason on the Credit Reason Name field.
  3. When finished, click the Add button.


How to edit Credit Reasons

To amend an existing Credit Reason;

  1. Click on the link that you want to edit, and change the name by typing the new name in its place.

  2. When completed, click Enter on your keyboard.


How to delete Credit Reasons

To delete the name from on-going selection; click the Delete icon at line level for the selected Credit Reason.


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