Customer Management capabilities

Customer Management capabilities

Vend has Customer Management functionality available.

Functionality includes:

Linking sales to a customer account

To do this, type the customer name into the 'Customer' field in the current sale screen. You will see the customer name appear. You may now click on this to open an additional window with the customer information.

Searchable fields within the customer information

Vend searches on three fields - customer code, first name and last name. You may scan a bar code into the customer code field, or you may wish to populate this with the customer phone number or other identifying data which you use to look up a customer in your store.

Create new customers from the sell screen

To create a new customer from the sell screen, type the customer's name into the 'Customer' field. When this name is not recognised by Vend, a window will pop up saying 'Customer not found. Create a new customer'? Clicking 'OK' will take you through to the New Customer screen.

Customer information capture

Vend allows you to capture contact details including phone, mobile, fax, email, website and twitter address, plus physical and postal address. The physical address location will be displayed on a Google maps insert within the customer information page.

There is a rich text description field available plus four customisable fields. These in tandem with the YTD spend figure allow you to track a loyalty programme.

Customer groups

Vend allows you to assign customers to a customer group. All customers will be automatically assigned to the group 'All Customers' unless you override this by manually assigning another group through editing the customer in Vend or importing new customer group information via a CSV file.

New customer groups can be added either through a CSV file or under 'Customers > Groups > New Group'.
These groups can be used to trigger discounts to different customer groups via  price books.

Tracking sales

Vend provides information on all purchases that customer has made at the bottom of the customer information page. Vend also provides a Year To Date (YTD) balance and balance outstanding. These are displayed in the top right-hand corner of the customer information page. The balance outstanding is also displayed under the customer name on the sell screen.


Vend has several reporting options relating to customers. These include 'Product Sales By Customer' and 'Product Sales by Customer Group' from within the Reporting suite. You can also export your sales history from within History > Export. This will also provide you with information on customer purchases. You can also export your customer information which will include your Year To Date and balance outstanding amounts.

Additional capability

We have an API available if you should want to link your customer data from Vend into another CRM database. Please get in touch with us via the helpdesk should you want more information.

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