Deleting Users in Vend

Deleting Users in Vend

When you delete a user in Vend, you are permanently deleting the personal data relating to that user and then suppressing any further processing against that deleted user’s profile. For any content (e.g. sales, reports) previously associated with a deleted user, “Anonymous User” will be shown instead.

To delete users individually:

1. Navigate to Setup -> Users in the sidebar.

Once here, you should see a list of all your active users in Vend.

2. Find the user you would like to delete and click on their name.

3. You should now be on this user's page. Scroll all the way to the bottom of your screen and click the Delete User text in red.

4. A warning message will pop up asking if you are sure about deleting the user.

Important: Before deleting a user on Vend, please first check your country's tax and legal requirements to identify whether there are any issues in deleting that user's personal information from Vend in case that identifying user information needs to be retained.

5. Click Delete to delete the user from your Vend store. This will take you back to the Users page.

6. Back on the Users page, the user will be temporarily marked for deletion. You can restore the user, by clicking on the Restore User button, within 14 days of deleting them. However, after 14 days, the user will permanently be deleted from your Vend store.

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