Inactive and Deleted Products in Vend

Inactive and Deleted Products in Vend

A product in Vend can be made inactive or deleted via the Product page. This article talks you through how to make a product inactive or delete a product in Vend.

Make a Product Inactive

There are some situations where you may need to work with a product again. Therefore, we generally do not recommend that you delete products but instead make them Inactive in your store.

To make a product inactive, follow the steps below:

1. Head to your Product page.

2. Head to the product you want to make inactive.

3. Click on the green toggle button turning the button grey. This makes it inactive.

4. Making a product Inactive moves it to the Inactive product list.

5. To make your product active again, head to your product under the Inactive tab.

6. Click on the grey toggle turning it green and active.

Delete a Product

Note: Cashiers will not be able to delete a product unless they have been granted the relevant user permissions. For more information on how to edit user permissions, head to this article. 

To delete a product, follow the steps below:

1. Head to the Product page.

2. Find or search for the product you want to delete.

Note: If the product you want to delete is an Inactive product, head to the Inactive tab to find the product to delete.

3. Click on the product name.

4. Click on the Delete Product button.

5. A warning message will pop up to confirm that you want to delete the product. Click OK to confirm.

Note: If a product is a part of an open sale (parked, layby, on account) and/or an open consignment (stock order and inventory count), you will need to close these off as the product cannot be deleted until you do so.

6. The product will be deleted.

Processing a sale with a deleted product.

In some situations, a product may be accidentally deleted when a sale including the same product is being made. Vend allows the deleted product to be sold. However, a notification appears under the deleted product on the Sell Screen. Therefore, if the sale is still in progress and payment has not yet been taken, you can inform your customer that the product was deleted, and offer alternatives, particularly if you don't carry inventory of the product.

Processing returns including a deleted product.

A sale with a deleted product can be returned, and you can process the return following the usual steps. For more information on how to process a return, check out this article.

Unlike a normal return, however, you will be notified on the Sell Screen that the product was deleted.

Once you have processed the return, you will need to decide how to deal with the returned product, as it has been deleted. We recommend adding the product back into your store to ensure that your inventory levels in store are accurate. For more information on how to add products into your store, check out this article.

What happens to my products on Shopify if I delete a product in Vend

Deleting a product (or individual variant product) on Vend will remove the product from Shopify if it is published on Shopify. However, if you delete a product that is unpublished on Shopify, the product will not be removed from Shopify.

NOTE: Incase you are unable to make a product inactive/delete please check out this article.


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