Inventory Overview

Inventory Overview


Inventory involves managing your product levels and efficiently getting your stock in and out of the system accurately. Maintaining up to date product data is imperative to the success of the system. In Unleashed, the Inventory module enables you to manage your inventory management, with regard to stock management, and when you have Stock On Hand.  The inventory module provides you with:

  • access to view and edit products
  • move products to warehouses, and 
  • edit stock on hand via a stock take or stock adjustment options available.

About the Inventory Management process


As the diagram demonstrates;

  1. Prerequisites

You have the Prerequisites created —Products, SOH and Warehouses— in Unleashed before using Inventory management.

  1. Stock Comes From

Then Stock Comes from both the Purchases and Production modules and goes into the Inventory module.

Additionally, you can;

  • Import Stock on Hand, and
  • Create Sales Returns

that go straight into the Inventory module.

  1. Inventory Module

In the Inventory module itself, you can perform a multitude of transactions, which include:

  1. Stock goes to
  • Sales
  • Production

Once you have set up and managed your Inventory —within the Unleashed Inventory module— you can view any transactions you have made that will go to your Sales and Production modules. 

Workflow examples

The Inventory module is unlike any other module in Unleashed; there are no set tasks that you need to perform to optimize the workflow within the Unleashed Inventory module.The following workflow examples demonstrate how you can use the Inventory module in Unleashed in a real-world setting.

Example 1

John doesn't have enough stock in his warehouse in Sydney to complete a sale.


John can transfer stock from his Warehouse in Melbourne to fulfill the order.

See Warehouse Transfers for more information.

Example 2

Jane has lost count of her stock inventory due to lack of replenishment


Jane uses Unleashed to perform a stock take so she can find out how much stock she has to replenish.

See Create a stock count for more information.

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