Inviting users

Inviting users

This section provides User Setting information, to help you setup your Unleashed account. Unleashed can be used by many users at the same time, depending on their subscription.

Tips about email addresses

  • A User's email address must be unique. Any user that is already using Unleashed must have a different email address to be able to access an Unleashed file.
  • If you are using a Google Mail, you can create a unique address by appending a +<value> immediately prior to the @ sign. E.g. My-name
  • If you are using a different email server or do not have additional email addresses available, contact support for more assistance.
  • Ensure Unleashed is not marked as spam in your email settings. The invitation email to the new user contains a link to your secure password environment. Some mail filters process it as spam.

How to invite new users

The following illustrates what you can achieve in Unleashed.

  1. To invite a new user into Unleashed, go to Settings | Security | Users.
  2. On this page, you can view all the different users of your account and the roles that they are assigned. To invite a new user in, click the Invite a User button in the ribbon.

  1. You can enter their details and personalize the message if required. Additionally, you can send them the invitation.
  2. When that user has created a password and activated; then the approved check-box becomes checked in your user list.
  3. To adjust the role of a user simply click Edit and you can setup their roles.

Deleting users

You can only delete users if you are the account owner.  

You can delete users by clicking the Rubbish icon at line level (in the Delete column, as demonstrated in the above screenshot).

Security video tutorial

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