Magento Integration FAQs

Magento Integration FAQs

How are Magento invoices imported into Unleashed?

Once the integration is setup, Invoices are imported from Magento into Unleashed as parked sales orders. The following options are also available on the Manage your Data tab:

  • Transfer previous invoices from: Select the date from which you want to transfer previous invoices from Magento as Parked sales orders in Unleashed.
  • Find missing invoice numbers to import: Enter the missing invoice numbers in the From/To fields, and click Find. If there are any missing invoices, they will be displayed in the Import by invoice number field. 
  • Import by invoice number: Enter the invoice number and click Import

How do I add new products in Magento when integrated with Unleashed? 

New products can be created in two different ways.

  1. Configuration tab
    •  The Export Products checkbox must be selected.
    • All products in Unleashed —regardless of product type— will be exported as ‘simple’product types in Magento and marked as disabled.

Do not use this option to create Configurable or Bundle products.

  1. Create products in Unleashed and manually export to Unleashed.

How can I separate online and offline stock in Magento?

You can enable the Multi Warehouse feature in Unleashed (go to Settings | Organization | Company) to separate your online and offline stock completely. Unleashed integrates only the stock from the default warehouse. If you have items in stock that you do not want to sell online then you can transfer the items into a different warehouse. 

How can i sell products which are not in stock? 

There is a setting in Magento to allow purchase of products with no stock available. Unleashed will accept all invoices from Magento, however if you do not have the stock available then you will not be able to complete them (until you have purchased the required stock). For more information, see the Magento documentation or contact  

Can I complete orders in bulk from Unleashed? 

Yes, you can complete orders in bulk using either of the following options. This will complete the invoices that have been imported from Magento and update stock levels between the two systems. 

  • Go to Sales | Orders | View Sales Orders. Use the action cog options to select and complete orders in bulk. 


  • Go to Sales | Orders | Batch Complete.  

How do I handle credits and stock returns? 

We recommend creating credits in Unleashed.  The stock levels in Magento are updated automatically and the relevant transactions are sent to your integrated accounting provider.

Creating credits in Magento is optional. Credits created in Magento are not imported to Unleashed.

Can I import historical invoices into Unleashed?

You must import only open invoices as they will be imported as Parked sales orders and you must manually complete the orders. Also, remember to remove stock in Magento when you complete the orders.

What happens if stock levels are different in both systems?

If the quantity in Magento does not match the available quantity of the product in Unleashed, then you can trigger a re-export of stock levels. 

  1. Go to Manage your Data | Transfer SOH changes from field.
  2. Select the date from which you want SOH changes to be exported from Unleashed to Magento. 

Why are the new products I add not synced? 

  • You can only export products from Unleashed to Magento if the Export products checkbox (on the Configuration tab) is enabled. If enabled, any new product in Unleashed is exported as a simple product in Magento. 
  • You cannot export Configurable or Bundle products from Unleashed to Magento. You must manually create these products in Magento.
  • Products created in Magento are not automatically imported into Unleashed.
    • If the imported invoices from Magento to Unleashed has products which do not exist in Unleashed, you can configure the option to create them, as simple products in Unleashed.
    • On the Configuration tab, enable the Create Missing Products option. 

How can I troubleshoot error messages in the Connection Log?

For more information, see Connection Log.

Why is my Magento store not connected?

  1. Ensure you have correctly completed all tasks outlined in Magento Integration Setup.
  2. Check the Connection Log.
  3. Test that the link:], returns an "Invalid XML" as illustrated in the image. 

If you are still not able to connect, contact .

How can I sync the updated average landed cost values from Unleashed to Magento?

  • The average landed costs are exported when you initially set up the integration. Any changes made after will not be updated in Magento. 
  • Unleashed will use the average landed costs, therefore the profit margins will be reflected in the sales invoice.
  • The cost attribute needs to be enabled in Magento and Unleashed will update it when CREATING the product.

Does Unleashed update Shipping Information in Magento?

Shipment details are not a part of the integration. Therefore, the status is not updated.

Can I edit orders that come from Magento?

No, you cannot edit the details because the order has already been completed in Magento. However, you can manually complete the order.

Why are bundle products not correctly imported on a sales order?

We currently support fixed pricing on bundled products. 

  • The product is auto-assembled and assembled.
  • A Bill of Materials is created with all possible components.

Can i use Unleashed Sell Price Tiers in Magento?

No, you cannot use the Sell Price Tiers. Only the default price per product is imported to Magento. Alternatively, you can use the Magento catalog pricing. For more information, see the Magento documentation.

Why are products exported from Unleashed to Magento as "Disabled"?

The products are exported as disabled so you can verify the record in Magento and update any required fields.

Can I export customers from Unleashed to Magento?

No, you cannot export customers from Unleashed to Magento. Customers created in Magento are automatically created in Unleashed. 

What is the data sync frequency between Unleashed and Magento?

The data is synced every 15 to 30 minutes. 

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