Managing Suppliers

Managing Suppliers

The following diagram demonstrates how a supplier is captured in Unleashed.

You can optionally import Suppliers into the Purchase module by using the Import Purchases function.

After you have imported or created a Supplier in Unleashed. You can use the View Suppliers page to view and manage your purchases.


About View Suppliers

The View Suppliers page enables you to view a list of all your Suppliers that are available to you. You also have a Action cog (on screen) that enables you to manage Suppliers at line level. 

Creating a Supplier is mandatory for Unleashed to work properly!


Functional descriptions

Using the Supplier Code & Name

The View Suppliers page shows you all Suppliers in your system with their relevant City/Country/Currency. You can drill down on any of them by clicking on the Supplier Code & Name.

Header buttons

You also have several options at the top of the screen on the banner:
Import: If you have a Supplier in the format of our template file then you can import it by clicking "Import" and selecting the file from your computer.
Export: If you wish to export the Suppliers, you can click "Export" to get a PDF version. Alternatively, if you click the drop-down you also have the option of .csv, .xlsx and .xls.
Delete: If you need to delete a Supplier then you can tick the box on the Supplier and click this button. You can only delete Suppliers with no transactions.
Add Supplier: if you need to add, another Supplier then you can use this shortcut to go to the Supplier Entry page.

Grid column descriptions

Supplier Code: Displays a unique Supplier Code for the nominated Supplier.
Supplier Name: Displays the name of the Supplier for the specified line.
City: Displays the supplier's city location.
Country: Displays the Supplier's country location.
Delete: Provides the option to delete the Supplier line.
Action cog:

  • Edit: Enables you to edit Supplier details.
  • Add Purchase: Enables you to add a Purchase to the Supplier.
  • View Transactions: Enables you to view transactions associated to that Supplier.


Using the custom grid

Depending on what sort of information you require, you can enter the relevant criteria and then click Run at the top on the banner.
You can also export what you see to several different formats such as pdf, xls and .xlsx by using the Export button on the banner.
Additionally, by using the tool bar above the grid, you can adjust data accordingly.

These are described as follows:

  • Group By Column(s):

To group by a desired column you simply need to drag and drop it into toolbar above the grid. As soon as you drop it the grid will group everything based on that column. You can group by as many columns as you like and expand all or collapse all the groups under the More menu.

  • Create Multiple Views:

To set up multiple views of this report you just need to click New on the toolbar and give it a name after making any customizations. You can create as many views as you like and also choose a default which will be displayed when you first click on the report.

  • Customize Columns Shown:

Using the Hidden Columns button you can choose what columns are shown on the grid and where. To add or remove a column, simply drag and drop the columns you like to and from the Hidden columns box.

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