PO Sheet Import Guide

PO Sheet Import Guide

Once you have created your Vend PO CSV, you'll need to import it into your store.

1. To place an order or do an initial stock upload, you must first navigate to Products -> Stock control in the sidebar and then select the Order Stock button. Once here, follow the steps below:

Enter the details into the fields:

Name/reference – give a name to the PO.

Order from – select supplier from the drop down, leave it as it is if there are multiple suppliers or you are doing an initial upload.

Deliver to – where is the stock going to.

Delivery due – when will the delivery reach the destination.

Order no - automatically filled.

Supplier invoice – if given by your supplier

Auto-fill – select if you want Vend to fill in the items below the reorder point.

 Import order – choose your PO sheet to be uploaded.

2.Click save and wait for the notification bell on the top right to get a green dot on it. After it appears, click on the bell and check notification for the upload success.

3.Refresh the page to remove green banner saying it is still importing. Then, go through the list in the page and verify the details. (if incorrect, click cancel order and start over)

3.Refresh the page to remove green banner saying it is still importing. Then, go through the list in the page and verify the details. (if incorrect, click cancel order and start over)

4.Click on send order and then type in the supplier name, email address and message, then click send. The items will be attached to this email. (If you chose a supplier in the previous step and the information for that supplier is in the system, it will fill it automatically)

The status will change from open to sent.



4.If you are doing the initial stock upload, click on more and then mark as received. The status will change from open to sent.

5.Click on the receive button to receive the stock

6.Check the ordered and received and confirm number or if all have been received, click on mark all received. Finally click on save and receive.

Inventory will be updated at this point.

Extra Notes:

  • While placing an order, you can skip the PO sheet upload and click on save if you wish to manually add products to the order.
  • After the order is placed, you will be able to see the sent orders in the stock control and then selected sent orders under the show heading.
  • You can print the labels for the products you have ordered by going into stock control, selecting an order and clicking on more -> print labels.

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