Printing bulk run of barcodes

Printing bulk run of barcodes

When setting up Vend, you may wish to print a bulk run of barcodes.

Do this through creating a 'mock' stock order of all of your products.

There are three ways to do this.

1. Manually entering stock items and quantities into new stock order

Create a new stock order, choosing 'Any' under the Supplier field and choosing 'Don't auto-fill' in the Autofill field. Hit save.


Now you can look up the products manually to enter them into the stock order. Change the "quantity required" field to the number of bar codes you wish to print. Hit save and then choose to print barcodes.

2. Importing products and quantities into new stock order

3. Using Autofill to populate the stock order automatically

In your CSV file, change the inventory settings so that inventory = 1, reorder point = 2 and restock level = the number of barcodes you wish to print. You only need to do this for one outlet.

If you already have products set up in Vend, we recommend exporting these to a CSV file and saving a copy so as not to lose your actual inventory data. Modify the copied CSV file and import this to Vend. When you have completed printing your barcodes, reimport the original CSV file.

Once you have imported your new inventory levels into Vend they will look like this:


Create a new stock order, choosing 'Any' under the Supplier field and choosing 'Auto-fill from reorder point' in the Autofill field. Hit save.

This stock order will be populated with all of your inventory items. Hit save and then choose to print barcodes. 

Don't forget to reimport your actual inventory data once you have printed the barcodes.

*Please note: In the case of printing barcodes for a received consignment/stock order, the number of labels will be determined from the received amount, not the amount ordered - unless the received amount is 0 and in this case, it will revert to the ordered amount.

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