Product Groups

Product Groups

Product Groups can be used to used to group sales reporting by the types of products you are selling. Every product you create can be given a Group (e.g. Raw materials, Beer, Wine, Spirits, Bolts etc).

If you are importing product details using the product import templates, then these fields are created automatically. 

Adding a Product Group

  1. Go to  Settings | System | Product Groups.
  2. In the Product Group Name field, type a name.
  3. If you have created attribute sets and want to assign a default attribute set to the product group, select the required value from the Default Attribute Set drop-down list. For more information about attribute sets, see Attribute Sets. The default attribute set will be empty for product groups created via import.
  4. Click Add.

Editing a Product Group

  1. Go to  Settings | System | Product Groups.
  2. Click and select the Product Group that you want to edit.
    • Edit the group name and default attribute set.
    • Delete the product group by clicking the delete icon.

Product Groups that are assigned to products, cannot be deleted to protect your data.

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