Removing store credit

Removing store credit

How to remove manually issued store credit from a customers' balance, rather than as part of a return.

There is no function in Vend to remove manually issued store credit. You will need to create a product and then 'spend' the store credit.

Create a store credit product:

  1. Create a product called 'Store Credit Adjustment' or 'Store Credit Removal'.
  2. Give the product a 0.00 retail and supply price.
  3. You may want to turn inventory tracking off for this product so you will not have a negative inventory counting towards your records.

Process a sale to remove the store credit

  1. Add the customer to the sale whose store credit you want to remove
  2. Add the store credit product to the sale
  3. Click on the product to expand the view
  4. In the drop-down click the box under Price
  5. Type in the amount of store credit you would like to remove
  6. Click Pay
  7. Click Store Credit
  8. Click Done
  • Using this workaround will impact your reporting as it will count towards measures such as Average Spend, Basket Size, Transaction Count, etc.

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