Roles in Vend

Roles in Vend

There are 3 types of user roles in Vend with different levels of permissions - 

  • Cashier:

                    The cashier is a great user level to assign to your non-management staff. They are able to do things like process sales, transfer stock and close off the register but are restricted from management functions such as adding and editing products and users.

                    The Cashier can perform the following processes in Vend - 

  • Make sales - All types
  • Close registers at the end of the day
  • Perform cash movements
  • View sales history of assigned outlets
  • Sell and redeem gift cards
  • Add a new customer

  • Perform inventory counts

  • Perform supplier stock orders and returns

  • Manager:

                    The manager user level represents the person in charge at one outlet. The Manager user is able to do everything a cashier can in addition to having access to their assigned store's reporting and ability to add and edit products if necessary.

                    In addition to the processes a cashier can do, a manager can also perform -   

  • Issue store credit for a return sale
  • Issue manual store credit
  • Void sales on Sales Ledger
  • Edit sales on Sales Ledger
  • Export customer list
  • Create and edit products
  • Delete products
  • Create and edit promotions
  • Create and edit price books
  • Manage Quick Keys
  • Add and edit Cashiers
  • View Sales Report
  • Admin:

                    The admin user level is intended for the store owner or the head office account. As an admin user, you will have full access to view & change all stores within your account. If you'd like more than one person to have full permissions, it is possible to create multiple Admin users.

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