Sales Order Groups

Sales Order Groups

About Sales Order Groups

The Sales Order Group page enables you to create your own group on a sales order,  this could include;

  • region or
  • branch and
  • you can specify whatever options you require. 

You can filter on this field in the Margin Enquiry. You can access the Sales Order Groups page via the Settings | Sales Order Groups.

This field could also be used as a 'referrer' or 'state'.


Setting up a new group

  1. Go to Settings | System | Sales Order Groups
  2. Change the Label to whatever you would like to call it e.g. Region.



  1. Once you have decided what to call it, you can then start adding the different groups you would like to use by typing it in and then clicking Add.
  2. Once you are happy with all the options, you have set up they will now show in the new drop-down on the order header.

You can filter using your new field on the Margin Enquiry page.


Sales Order


Margin Enquiry


Sales Order Group video tutorial

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