Sell Price Tiers

Sell Price Tiers

About Sell Price Tiers

The Sell Price Tiers function allow for different sell prices for different kinds of customers (i.e. Retail v.s Staff Sale or USD vs GBP). There are different amounts of tiers available based on your subscription, but you can use any number of those you wish. The names, or ''labels'' if you will, are entered here, and will show in both the Product Entry Pricing page and in the Customer Entry page drop down selection.

You can have up to eleven sell price tiers at one time! However, the number of tiers may depend on your subscription.

When you set up a new customer, you can assign them a Sell Price Tier that will then automatically appear on future invoices on each line. Do not change these until after you import the products and customers into Unleashed if you are using the CSV template.


Naming your Sell Price Tier

  1. When you set up a new customer you can assign them a Sell Price Tier which will then automatically appear on any future orders on each line.
    Sell Price Tiers appear in the drop down selection for your customers in the Customer Entry page and in the pricing tab on the Product Entry page.
  2. Once you have entered or changed the required names click the Save button.

For more information on applying Sell Price Tiers and how they are used, see Sell Price Tier video tutorial below.


If you do not define a Sell Price Tier for the Customer, then the Default Sell Price Tier will be used instead.


Sell Price Tier video tutorial

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