Sending On Account Sales to Xero

Sending On Account Sales to Xero

Account sales are sales where you issue an invoice for the sale of goods/services to the customer. Account Sales must have a customer associated with them. You are unable to take an overpayment on an On Account sale when you have the Xero integration turned on. This includes typing the cash amount tendered into Vend, rather than the exact amount (for example AED50 cash payment for an AED48.75 sale).

How does it work?

Make the Sale

  • On the Sell Screen, add the items, add the customer to the sale, click pay, and choose 'On Account'.

  • The sale will be posted to Xero, creating an Accounts Receivable invoice. The status of this invoice (approved, awaiting approval, or draft) is determined by the setting you chose when you turned the integration on.

Take payment for the sale

You can take payment for your sale in either Vend or Xero.

  • Receiving payment in Vend:

    • If you've chosen the 'awaiting approval' or 'draft' setting, make sure your invoice is approved in Xero,
    • Locate the customer's account sale in Sales History, and click 'Continue Sale'. The sale will open in the Sell Screen.
    • Click 'Pay' and apply the payment amount.
    • If the sale is not entirely paid, click 'On Account' to put the remainder of the balance back on the account.
    • The payment will automatically post to Xero. The Sales history will now show the payment with a blue Xero logo next to it. When you deposit your payments from the day's takings into your bank account
  • Receiving payment in Xero:

    Payments made on an on account sale/invoice in Xero should now automatically sync over into Vend, thus receiving payments should be a seamless experience. However, if the case where the payments do not sync, you can manually sync the payment by referring to the steps below:


    • Once you've applied your payment to the invoice in Xero, you can update the account sale in Vend to sync the systems.
    • Locate the Account Sale on the Sales Ledger page. You can adjust the search filters, including the customer name field, to help with this.
    • Click the sale to expand it.
    • Click the Xero button.
    • Select 'Check for Xero payments'. The payment you made in Xero will now appear in Vend.
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