Setting up the matrix items in the CSV file

Setting up the matrix items in the CSV file

Importing matrix items

To import inventory items via our Retail Imports team, please refer to this article.


The Item Import tool handles matrix items differently than normal singles and non-inventory items. Here is a full outline on how the Item Import tool handles matrix items upon creating and updating them.

Considerations upon creating matrix items

  • Matrix items with new Attributes (1-3) can be created through an import.

Considerations upon updating matrix items

  • Matrix Description cannot be updated.
  • The following fields can be updated on matrix items. Changing these fields will update every variant in the matrix:
    • Brand
    • Category
    • Subcategory 1-9
    • Tax Class
    • Vendor
    • Item Type (Single/Non-Inventory/Assembly/Box)
    • Serialized (true/false)
  • The following fields can be updated on a matrix item. Changing these fields will update the individualvariant in the matrix:
    • UPC
    • EAN
    • Custom SKU
    • Manufacturer SKU
    • Price
    • MSRP
    • Online Price
    • Default Cost
    • Reorder Point
    • Reorder Level
    • Vendor ID
    • Publish to eCom
    • Tags (Clear Existing/Add)
    • Image 
  • Matrix Attribute Set cannot be updated (for example: changing Color to Color/Size)
  • Attributes (1-3) cannot be updated or removed.
  • Matrix items can be Archived, but archiving variants will not archive the matrix itself.
  • Matrix items cannot be updated to be removed from a matrix.
  • The quantity on hand and unit cost of your matrix items can only be imported upon their creation. They can't be updated.
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