Shipping Companies

Shipping Companies

About Shipping Companies

The Shipping Companies page enables you to create and manage your shipping companies in Unleashed. These shipping companies can be associated with sales orders and shipments, allowing you to view which shipping companies are related to each sale. 

You can enter as many shipping companies as required. You can remove companies that are no longer used by making them obsolete. You can also set up a default shipping company on a customer so that each time an order is created it uses that shipping company; you do this on the customer file. 

You can access Shipping Companies via the Settings | Shipping Companies.


This option is only available when Order Management is enabled.

The following is a screen shot of the Shipping Companies page accompanied with a description of it functions.


How to set up a Shipping Company

  1. To set-up a new Shipping Company simply enter the full company name into the box provided and click Add
  2. This should then make them available to be selected on an order or customer.
  3. At any point you can change the name of a Shipping Company by clicking on that field and editing it.
  4. If you no longer need a particular shipping company you can also Obsolete them by ticking the box on the far right.


Shipping Companies video tutorial

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