Split Receipting

Split Receipting

After you have imported or created, added costs, and placed your purchase orders in Unleashed, you can receipt or split receipt it.

When you need to receipt in some stock on a purchase order —but not everything that you ordered has arrived— you can use the Split Receipt feature. This enables you to use the stock you have already received but keep track of anything still ordered.

Points to Note

  • Supplier and order details will be retrieved from the existing purchase order.

  • Ensure you enter the Supplier reference (e.g. order number) and Supplier invoice date.

  • Receipt the goods into stock in Unleashed after reviewing the Price and Receipted quantity.

  • If the price charged for the goods is different to the purchase order, then you need to update the original purchase order.

  • If the warehouse the goods are being receipted into has changed since the purchase order:

    1. Complete the purchase order

    2. Create a Warehouse Transfer by going to Inventory | Transactions | Warehouse Transfers. For more information, see Warehouse Transfers.

Receipt Quantity

When you are in the process of receipting a purchase order (Purchase | Receipt Purchase), you can update the Receipt Quantity field.

When you enter a Receipt Quantity less than the order quantity, the Receipt button changes to Split Receipt.

Split Receipt 

When you click Split Receipt:

  1. Unleashed updates the Receipt Quantity into stock and creates another purchase order with the same purchase order number with a split reference, i.e.PO-00000035/1. 
  2. Go to Purchases | Purchase Orders | View Purchases. The purchase order will be displayed with the same purchase order number with a split reference, i.e.PO-00000035/1 and the status is PLACED.
  3. If the order has been costed, all costs will be added to the receipted quantity that is completed first. The following message is displayed:

  • The costs added to the Purchase Order, will by default apply to the receipted quantity that is selected. 
  • The Unit derived costs need to be updated to match the cost attributed to receipting the current amount.
  • Costs for subsequent receipts from the purchase order, can then be added before being receipted. 

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