Transferring your Account to a New Owner

Transferring your Account to a New Owner

If you are selling your business or changing ownership, you may wish to transfer your store or some of your store's data to the new owner. For information on how to do this, check out the steps below:

Option 1: Transfering Product and Customer Data

If you wish to transfer your business to another owner, but do not want them to have access to any of the existing sales history and reporting, you can export your product and customer data and hand this off to the new owner.

To learn more about exporting your data from your account, click here.

Once you have exported the data you need, you can cancel your current account and the new owner can create a brand new Vend account and subscription. They can then import the product and customer data you've given them into their new store.

Important: Please make sure you export the data you want before cancelling the account. Once the account is cancelled the data will not be recoverable.

Options 2: Transfering Your Entire Store

If you are selling your business and wish to transfer your entire Vend account over to a new account holder with all information as is, you’ll need to do the following steps:

1. Go to Setup -> Account.

2. On the top of this page you will see your billing information including your credit card details. Locate the “Change Card Details” link next to your credit card details and send this link to the new owner. This link will allow them to assume control of the billing of the account.

3. Send a ticket to Vend Support from your primary admin email (account holder email) with a request to update the billing details to the new owner. Our support team will let you know once these details have been updated.

Important: This needs to be done after the credit card details for the subscription have been updated.

4. Next, up, navigate to Setup -> Users in your Vend store. Find the primary admin account and change the email address to the new account holder. The new owner will then need to send themselves a “Forgot Password” link from the store sign in page so that they can access the account.

Important: The user you change needs to be the admin user that is created when you signed up for your account, as this is the primary user.

The subscription holder is determined by the primary admin email on the Vend account and the billing record. The subscription can only be changed with express permission via an email sent from the primary admin email.

Transfering ownership can be a complicated process and requirements vary from region to region. If you are after further information, we recommend seeking legal advice.

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