Using Vend Cash Rounding with Xero

Using Vend Cash Rounding with Xero

If you are using Vend cash rounding and have an integration with Xero, you will need to set up your store so that cash rounding amounts flow through to Xero when cash sales are rounded. To learn how to set this up, follow the steps below:

Important: If you integrate with Xero and are looking to set up Vend cash rounding, the steps below are mandatory. If you do not map the correct account code to your cash rounding expenses account in the Vend - Xero mappings page, cash rounding amounts will not flow through to Xero.

1. Setup an expenses account in Xero:

First off, you will need to make sure you have an expenses account for cash rounding in Xero. If you do not already have one you can create one in Xero. We recommend you contact your Accountant or Bookkeeper if you aren't 100 percent sure on the account required.

2. Map the account to cash rounding expenses in Vend:

Next, you will need to map this Xero expenses account correctly in the Vend - Xero setup screen. This is so that rounding amounts in Vend will post as an expense to Xero.

To do this:

1. Head to Setup -> Add-ons and click on the 'Settings' button next to Xero. You should now be in your Vend - Xero Mappings page.

2. Next, navigate to your 'Accounts for Payments' section and choose your expenses account underneath 'cash rounding expense'. Once this is done your rounding amounts from cash sales will be sent to Xero when you close your register for the day.

Note: The account codes and names listed in the screenshot above are for example only, your account codes and names will be dependent on how your Xero account has been setup.

3. Click save.

Any rounding amounts you have will now flow through to Xero when you close your register for the day.

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