Using Xero once it's integrated with Unleashed

Using Xero once it's integrated with Unleashed

Best Practices for your Xero Integration Tutorial
Xero View Failed Exports List
How to load invoices for comparing with Xero invoices
Emailing Xero Invoices from Unleashed
Reconciling Unleashed and Xero
About Xero deposits & prepayments
Creating Custom Contact Links in Xero

Best Practices for your Xero Integration Tutorial


Xero View Failed Exports List

The Xero failed exports list can be located at the bottom of most pages within Unleashed and is easily viewable by clicking the View Failed Exports button.



Once you click the View Failed Exports button it will then load a list below of all your failed exports and the relevant information. The information you get is detailed below:

  • Failed Export: This is the type of export that failed.
  • Exported Item: This is the reference to the export that failed. It is also clickable if you would like to be taken to the particular order, purchase order, credit etc.
  • Export Error: This is the reason the export has failed. It contains the error Unleashed is getting when attempting to export.
  • Action Required: This is what Unleashed recommends as the action required to get this re-exported. Usually it will be as easy as clicking export again.
  • Export: This is just a link to attempt to re-export it.

Additionally, you can use the Export All button to attempt to re-export all these failed exports with one click of the mouse.



Contact Unleashed Support if you need assistance with troubleshooting.


How to load invoices for comparing with Xero invoices

When Xero is connected with Unleashed, you can use the Partial Invoices function to load sales invoices to compare with Xero invoices. This is ideal for users that need to check their invoices throughout the invoice process and provides you with the ability to have more transparency.


Make sure you are connected to Xero and have Invoices enabled before performing this task.
  1. Select the Sales Invoice tab of your Xero Export page, a complete list of all your invoices displays
  2. Select the Date From and Date to filter fields and select your required date range.
  3. When you have finished with your setting requirements, click Load Xero button
  4. The grid display updates, and the total value load to Xero and calculates the variance —the difference between the two totals.



Grid column descriptions

The following highlights some key column descriptions.

  • Export Status: Status of the export, i.e.Exported, Queue etc.
  • Export: Displays what has been exported to Xero.
  • View: Links to a hyperlink of the invoice exported to Xero.

Emailing Xero Invoices from Unleashed

Reconciling Unleashed and Xero

If the amount in your Stock on Hand asset in Xero is different to the stock on hand figure in Unleashed, then you can perform some steps to address this issue. Each step is outlined below and it is best if you follow them in order:

  1. Work out when the two values last matched. This is imperative because if they never matched then there is no way they will match after using Unleashed.
  2. Make sure all transactions from Unleashed are processed in Unleashed and approved in Xero. In Unleashed at the bottom of the screen you will see your failed exports and the Xero queue. What you should be seeing is 0 failed exports and nothing in the process queue. Inside Xero you will need to make sure all your Accounts Payable / Purchase drafts from Unleashed are approved.
  3. If it is not matching by now then you should run a 'Account Transactions' report inside Xero for your Stock on Hand account. Every single transaction being made to this account should be from Unleashed so anything being posted from elsewhere will cause a variance. The report can be found under 'All Reports' in Xero.

  4. If you still cannot find what is causing the variance then you could try using the Xero Export screen to find out if everything in Unleashed has in fact been sent to Xero and approved. From this screen you can also re-export any missing transactions.

    If these steps do not help in finding the variance, then you may need to make an adjustment in Xero and monitor the balances going forward. To make sure you have the right stock figure do a stock-take in Unleashed and confirm the costs are correct. Once you have done that you can run a stock on hand enquiry and get the correct stock figure (Inventory | Stock on Hand Enquiry). You can then make the relevant changes in Xero to make them match up.

    Alternatively as a last resort, you can use the account transactions report mentioned in #3 and compare it to all the transactions coming from Unleashed to see where it has differed. Depending on how many transactions you have this could be quite time intensive.

About Xero deposits & prepayments

If you pay for something before receiving it — whether it is the full amount or a deposit— you may want to record this in your accounting and inventory system. If you have paid for something in advance, the transaction shows up on your bank statement.

Using this transaction, you can create a prepayment which means it can be then be reconciled (you can create the prepayment transaction without the entry on your bank statement as well). This means if any deposits are made regardless of whether it is you paying or receiving it you can reconcile it to a prepayment transaction in Xero. When the Sale or Purchase invoice is then sent to Xero from Unleashed you can match it up to the prepayment.

Process of handling deposits/prepayment

For sales invoices

  1. Create a Sales Invoice for 100% of the total in Unleashed for a customer (you may want to create a "pro forma" invoice template)
  2. Receive a 50% deposit from the customer before sending the goods.
  3. Record the Prepayment in your accounting provider against the customer
  4. When sending the goods to the customer complete the invoice in Unleashed.
  5. Match the Prepayment in your accounting provider to the newly created Accounts Receivable Invoice (from Unleashed).

For purchase orders

  1. Create & send a purchase order from Unleashed.
  2. Pay a 50% deposit to the Supplier before receiving the goods.
  3. Record the Prepayment in your accounting provider, and reconcile it to the 50% deposit.
  4. When receiving the physical order, receipt it in Unleashed.
  5. Match the Prepayment in your accounting provider to the newly created Accounts Payable Invoice (from Unleashed).

Creating Custom Contact Links in Xero

Once you export your customer and supplier records from Unleashed to Xero, the View in Xero link will be automatically created in your Unleashed account.

Additionally, you can create custom contact links in Xero to open the related Unleashed records (click to expand/collapse screenshot). The following procedure describes the steps to create the custom contact links in Xero.

  1. In your Xero account, go to Settings | General Settings | Custom Contact Links.
  2. Click Add A Custom Link
  3. In the Name column, type the name (for example: View in Unleashed) for the custom contact link.
  4. In the Link Definition column, type!CONTACTID}.
  5. Click Save
  6. Go to Contacts | All Contacts and open any synced record.
  7. The custom link to open the Unleashed record will be displayed in the Contact Details area (click to expand/collapse screenshot).

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