View Purchases

View Purchases

The View Purchases page enables you to view and manage all purchase orders including Costed and Receipted orders.

Viewing a Purchase Order

  1. Go to Purchases | Purchase Orders | View Purchases.
  2. Select Open, Parked, Placed, Costed, Receipted, Complete, or All from the Status drop-down list to filter the purchase orders. You can also specify the Order Number, Supplier or select the warehouse. 
  3. Use the action cog to edit, print, email, or clone any purchase order. The following options will be available from the action cog based on the order status:
Status Action Cog options Details
Open, Parked Edit, Print, Email, Clone  
Placed Edit, Costing, Receipt, Print, Email, Clone Costing: Add costs such as freight and duty.
Costed Edit, Receipt, Print, Email, Clone Receipt: Create a receipt for the costed purchase order.
Receipted Edit, Print, Email, Clone  
Complete Edit, Return, Print, Email, Clone Return: Create a supplier return for a completed purchase order.


  • Click Add Purchase to add a new purchase order. For more information, see Add Purchase.
  • Click Export to export to PDF, CSV, XLSX, or XLS.
  • Click Import to import purchase orders from a template file. For more information, see Import Purchases.

Currency Columns

The following currency columns are available on the grid (Click to expand/collapse screenshot). For more information about customizing the grid columns, see Customizing Grid Columns.

  • Total: Total value of the Purchase Order in the supplier default currency excluding costs. This is a hidden column. 
  • Total (base currency): Total value of the Purchase Order in the base currency including costs.
  • SubTotal (base currency): Total value of the Purchase Order in the base currency excluding tax.
  • Costing SubTotal (base currency): Total cost value in the base currency including tax.

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