Xero Integration Guide

Xero Integration Guide

Unleashed can integrate with your accounting provider to provide your business with real-time information. This is useful when completing transactions in Unleashed, such as receivables, credits and stock journals.



Important notice

These details are accurate at the time of writing this Help file. However, from time to time Xero may make further changes that are unknown to Unleashed.

The following is a summary of key points that you need to note before proceeding:

  • We do not currently support exporting of products. Instead of using the products inside Xero, Unleashed sends the product information through in the details of each transaction line.
  • After you have imported your stock into Unleashed, the Stock On Hand account in Xero account should be equal to the Stock On Hand value you just imported into Unleashed. The stock on hand value in Unleashed is under the Stock On Hand Enquiry and in Xero, it is the balance of your stock on hand/inventory account. Ensure you have this implemented, before you start performing transactions in Unleashed (see Stock on Hand Values for more info). 
  • You can only integrate your Unleashed account with one Xero account. Once you are integrated, you cannot connect to a different account. If you want to integrate your Unleashed account with another Xero account then you must uninstall Xero from the integration page and re-install it
  • Unleashed does not keep track of the changes made inside Xero. For example, if you change transactions in Xero, then these changes are not synced to Unleashed.

Why integrate with Unleashed?

Once Unleashed is fully integrated with Xero, you can benefit from increased efficiency and accuracy. Our seamless integration ensures that no re-keying of information is needed and accounting data is preserved.

Benefits include

  • Intuitive setup - Simply connect Unleashed to a nominated Xero company at the push of the button.
  • Payable updates - Integrate all suppliers and supplier transactions Unleashed sends Xero payable transactions for payment and reconciliation as you receipt stock.
  • Receivable updates - Real time customer and customer transaction integration The second you complete sales in Unleashed we tell Xero your customer owes you money.
  • Perpetual stock updates - Real time accounts integration Unleashed updates Xero in real time.
  • Contacts - Real time synchronization of contacts.
  • Reconciliation - Easy to use reconciliation tools. It is essential to keep both Unleashed and Xero data matching.


What is Xero?

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that is designed specifically for small businesses.

  • It's all online, so you can work when and where you want to. Just login with your PC, Mac or mobile.
  • Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cash-flow in real-time.
  • Invite your team and work together on financials. You can collaborate over your up-to-date numbers.
  • Xero has all you need to run your business - including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.


What happens when Xero is integrated with Unleashed?

  • Ability to monitor progress of the connection status.
  • Export Sales changes from Unleashed to Xero.
  • Export Purchase changes from Unleashed to Xero.
  • Export Supplier Return changes from Unleashed to Xero.
  • Export Credits changes from Unleashed to Xero.
  • Export Suppliers changes from Unleashed to Xero.
  • Export Sales journals from Unleashed to Xero.
  • Export Credit Journals from Unleashed to Xero.
  • Export Assembly/Disassembly Journals for never diminishing products
  • Export Adjustments from Unleashed to Xero.


Unleashed/Xero integration diagram

The following diagram illustrates what Unleashed data can be exported after the integration is configured.



The integration flow

What information is shared between Xero and Unleashed?

Import from Xero to Unleashed

  • Taxes
  • Chart of Accounts

You can optionally re-import Customers and Suppliers if required. For example, a tax rate has been changed or you have added a new account, then you have the option to do this. When the data is re-imported, you can import new data based on their display name. So, if the Display name of a Customer has changed in Xero, it imports as a new customer in Unleashed.

Users can manually import

  • Customers
  • Suppliers

Exports from Unleashed to Xero

Users can select what is exported on the configuration page, which includes:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Journals (Shipment, Adjustment, Sales, Credit)
  • Customer Credits
  • Supplier Returns.

We do not currently support exporting of products.

Integration flow descriptions

All changes made to Customers and Suppliers automatically export to Xero. For Supplier Returns, Sales, Purchases and Credits, they only exports when completed. Refer to the list below for more information.

Customers: Export to Xero all newly created customers and also already existing customers when details are updated.
Suppliers: Export to Xero all newly created Suppliers and also already existing customers when details are updated.
Supplier Returns: Export to Xero —on the condition—only when they have the status of "Completed".
Sales: Export to Xero —on the condition—only when they have the status of "Completed".
Purchases: Export to Xero —on the condition—only when they have the status of "Completed".
Credits: Export to Xero —on the condition—only when they have the status of "Completed".

Unleashed does not export product details. Each time we want to mention a product, we create a Sales product that contains basic information such as price, but has no additional details.
In terms of formats, there is no valid information mapping required when transferring data between systems. Only that Customers, Suppliers and Employees cannot have the same Display Name in Xero or Supplier, Customer codes in Unleashed.


Stock On Hand values

When you first integrate Unleashed and Xero, the SOH value within Unleashed does not export across to Xero. Therefore, the initial SOH value needs to be manually adjusted via a stock journal entry directly into your Xero account; this manual adjustment needs to occur against the default Stock On Hand account selected within your Unleashed | Xero Configuration Setup.

SOH value between the two systems must match before any transactions are completed within Unleashed; this will make reconciling much easier!

Any transactions that occur after this point —where stock is adjusted in Unleashed— will generate a Stock Journal and send it across to the Stock On Hand  account in Xero.


It is important that you perform your integration configuration in the same order as this Help section is organized;

  1. Access the Integration page
  2. Go to the Overview tab and install Xero.
  3. Go to the Configuration tab:
    1. Select what accounts should be used to link all your Xero accounts (Sales Account, Cost of Goods Sold account and Stock on Hand accounts) to Unleashed.
    2. Configure the data which will be exported to Xero.
  4. Go to the Manage your Data tab, and import/reimport your customers and suppliers and also update existing customers.
  5. Review the Connection Log.

How to Connect to Xero tutorial 

Accessing the integration store

  1. You can access the integration store via the Integration | Integration Store menu.

Xero overview tab

The Xero overview tab describes:

  • what the Xero application is, and
  • what happens when Xero is integrated with Unleashed.

It also provides;

  • the latest release notes,
  • specified requirements, and other
  • pertinent information.

The aim is to ensure users have all the available information to ensure a seamless integration.

Install the application

If you have not installed the application, click on the Install App button available on this page. It will guide you through installing a Xero account.

Actions you can perform

From this page,

  • users can turn the integration sync on or off by using the switch on the top right, and
  • select the More Apps button to go back to the configuration page at the top of the page.

Xero configuration tab

Activating the configuration settings

Select  the required configuration settings.

The Chart Of Account must be setup within Xero as the following account type in order to work with Unleashed:
Cost Of Goods Sold = Direct cost
Sales = Sales
Stock On Hand = Current Asset

Sales Account: The Sales Account selection should be the primary sales account in your Xero Profit and Loss. All completed Sales Orders and Sales Credits in Unleashed will have the transaction lines coded to the Xero sales account (you can set up overrides on the product and customer).
Cost of Goods Sold Account: The Cost of Goods Sold Account selection should be your cost of goods sold account in your Xero Profit and Loss. All shipment journals sent to Xero will be coded to Cost of Goods Sold account and the Stock on Hand account.
Stock On Hand Account: The Stock On Hand Account selection should be your stock on hand account in your Xero Balance Sheet. All purchases and journals sent from Unleashed will be coded to this account.

All the configuration settings must be selected to enable each interface to flow real-time to Xero (you can un-check them if that information is not needed). After you have imported your stock, you must have the Stock On Hand amount in Xero equal to the Stock On Hand value in Unleashed. Ensure you have this fully implemented before you start performing transactions in Unleashed.

Sync your Xero taxes to Unleashed

AUTO SYNC TAX CODES: You can automatically sync tax codes using this option. Click AUTO SYNC TAX CODES to create a copy of your tax codes to Unleashed. These will automatically be mapped to your accounting provider tax codes.
Let me manually do this: Displays the Taxes setup page in Unleashed, where you can configure your tax settings.

Manage your Data tab

Import or sync customers, suppliers, and tax data between Unleashed and Xero.

Export Xero data tab

The Xero Export page enables you to export transactions in Unleashed to your Xero account.

Reconcile transactions

On this page you can also compare the transactions in Unleashed with Xero and show any variances between the two.

To do this;

  1. Select from the range of transactions available to compare.
  2. When you are ready, click Reconcile Transactions. As a result of this action, Unleashed contacts Xero and loads through all the values for the transactions shown.
  3. The totals show in the Xero Total column and any variance displays in the Variance column. 

Any variances you find can be investigated and the transaction re-exported if needed. The View column at the end which attempts to open the transaction in the system it was exported to.

You can only us the Reconcile Transaction button for a maximum range of a month at a time. The values will remain so you should not have to click it again (unless you need to check it is now correct).

Unleashed to Xero Workflow tutorial

Viewing the connection log

The Connection Log provides a list of every single action that has occurred during the integration process. For example, you can use the log screen to determine any issues that might occur during the integration process. This could include a validation error, or any other possible faults. You can use the Connection Log page to determine what the actual fault is, and then plan to fix accordingly. The logs only keep the last 7 days of activity.

Viewing in log levels

You can select the log level that you need to view for analysis. You have the choice of;

  • ERROR: Displays error type logs.
  • INFO: Displays general log information, such as products details being transferred.
  • ALL: Displays all log levels.

Field validation mappings  

The following is a list of most of the field validations that are mapped during the Xero integration. All available information has been gathered to ensure you have the easiest integration possible.

Products are not sent to Xero. Also, Unleashed cannot send transactions to Xero if the Content record in Xero is archived.

Customers & Suppliers

Unleashed Xero
Customer Name or Supplier Name Contact Name
First Name Primary Person/Name
Last Name Primary Person/Name
Email Address Email
Contact Postal Address Postal Address
Contact Physical address Physical Address
Phone Number Telephone Number
Fax Number Fax Number
Mobile Number Mobile Number
DDI Number Direct Dial Number
GST/VAT Number GST Number
Currency Default Currency


Postal Address

Unleashed Xero
Street Address or PO Box Street Address/PO Box
Town/City Town/City
State/Region State/Region
Country Country
Postal Code Postal / Zip Code


Physical Address

Unleashed Xero
Street Address Street Address
Town/City Town/City
State/Region State/Region
Country Country
Postal Code Postal/Zip Code



Unleashed Xero
Customer Name Contact
Credit Completed Date Date
Credit Number Credit Note#
Invoice Number Reference
Customer Currency Currency
Sub Total Sub total
Tax Total  total GST
Product Description Description
Qty Qty
Price Unit Price
Amount Subtotal
Tax Rate Tax Rate
*Reference Reference

* For Free Credit function only.


Supplier Returns

Unleashed Xero
Supplier Name From
Return Date Date
Supplier Return Number Reference
Currency Code Currency
Sub Total Subtotal
Tax Total Total GST
Total Total
Product Description Description
Qty Qty
Order Price Unit Price


Sales Invoices

Unleashed Xero
Customer Name To
Order Date Date
Due Date Due Date
Customer Reference Reference
Product Description Description
Sub Total  Subtotal
Tax Total Total GST
Total Total
Quantity Qty
Disc. Price Unit Price
Line Total Amount
Tax Rate Tax Rate
Invoice Number Invoice #


Stock Adjustments (including Stock Take), Stock Revaluation and Sales Shipments

When these transactions are created, a journal is sent to Xero and no field mappings are used. Instead,  just the Reference Number and Total Adjust values are used.

Unleashed Xero
Total Adjusted Quantity Total

The reference field on a journal in Xero is the transaction number of the transaction it relates to in Unleashed.



Unleashed Xero
Supplier Name From
Order Date
Completed date is calculated based on Supplier's payment terms.
Due Date
Currency Code Currency
Sub Total Subtotal
Tax Total Total GST
Total Total
Product Description Description
Qty Qty
Price Unit Price
Line Total Amount


Summary of transactions between Unleashed & Xero

 The following is a list of transactions that can be made Unleashed once the integration is completed. It highlights what happens in Xero, when a transaction is made in Unleashed. The transactions are based on what is conveyed within the Unleashed menus.  


Unleashed Xero
Purchase Order Completed Draft Payable (Purchase)
Supplier Adding supplier inside Unleashed adds the supplier as a contact in Xero. The contact will be marked as a supplier when you purchase from that supplier to create and complete purchase orders.
Supplier Return Once the user completes the Supplier Return, the credit note for the supplier is created in Xero. This is under Bills.



Unleashed Xero
Stock Adjustments Draft Stock Journal, A journal is created in Xero. These journals are created in the form of a Bill with the total balance of 0, i.e Debit shrinkage expense 100 and Credit Stock On Hand 100.
Stock Revaluation A journal is created in Xero. These journals are created in the form of a Bill with the total balance of 0.
Stock take Adjustment A journal is created in Xero. These journals are created in the form of a Bill with the total balance of 0.



Unleashed Xero
Completed sale order Draft Receivable (Sales)
Draft Stock Journal
Customers Adding customer inside Unleashed adds the customer as a contact in Xero. The contact will be marked as a customer when you sell to that from customer to create and complete sales invoice.
Credit A credit note for the customer is created in Xero. If the Return box is checked, then a credit journal will also be sent.
Sales Shipment Sales journal inside of Xero.
Draft Sales Invoice and a Draft Stock Journal is created. Sales Invoice


How Xero and Unleashed will work together

If you have a demo Xero account, you can connect Unleashed to it, and view how the two systems are operating. Once you have done this, you may want to create purchase orders, sales orders, etc to see the interaction and information sent from Unleashed to Xero.

Steps Unleashed Xero
1 Purchases are created in Unleashed —for a stock quantity and stock value. Then, they are receipted in Unleashed. Once receipted, a draft bill is sent to Xero—this is both for the reconciliation of payment, and the Xero stock on hand account, which updates with the stock value.
2 Invoices are raised in Unleashed for your sales. Once sales invoices are completed, the stock is removed from Unleashed and an invoice is sent to Xero; this is used for the payment reconciliation. And a sales shipment journal is sent, which moves the stock value sold from your Stock On Hand account to your Costs of Goods Sold account.
3 Suppliers and Customers are created and updated in Unleashed. However, you can import some customer and supplier data into Unleashed from Xero. You can import customers / suppliers. Also there is an option that you can re-import the existing customers.
4 The integration allows:
  • one stock on hand account,
  • as many cost of goods sold account as you need, and
  • as many sales accounts as you need.

Xero View Failed Exports List

The Xero failed exports list can be located at the bottom of most pages within Unleashed and is easily viewable by clicking the View Failed Exports button.


Once you click the View Failed Exports button it will then load a list below of all your failed exports and the relevant information. The information you get is detailed below:

  • Failed Export: This is the type of export that failed.
  • Exported Item: This is the reference to the export that failed. It is also clickable if you would like to be taken to the particular order, purchase order, credit etc.
  • Export Error: This is the reason the export has failed. It contains the error Unleashed is getting when attempting to export.
  • Action Required: This is what Unleashed recommends as the action required to get this re-exported. Usually it will be as easy as clicking export again.
  • Export: This is just a link to attempt to re-export it.

Additionally, you can use the Export All button to attempt to re-export all these failed exports with one click of the mouse.



Contact Unleashed Support if you need assistance with troubleshooting.

How to load invoices for comparing with Xero invoices

When Xero is connected with Unleashed, you can use the Partial Invoices function to load sales invoices to compare with Xero invoices. This is ideal for users that need to check their invoices throughout the invoice process and provides you with the ability to have more transparency.


Make sure you are connected to Xero and have Invoices enabled before performing this task.

  1. Select the Sales Invoice tab of your Xero Export page, a complete list of all your invoices displays
  2. Select the Date From and Date to filter fields and select your required date range.
  3. When you have finished with your setting requirements, click Load Xero button
  4. The grid display updates, and the total value load to Xero and calculates the variance —the difference between the two totals.


Grid column descriptions

The following highlights some key column descriptions.

  • Export Status: Status of the export, i.e.Exported, Queue etc.
  • Export: Displays what has been exported to Xero.
  • View: Links to a hyperlink of the invoice exported to Xero.


Reconciling Unleashed and Xero

If the amount in your Stock on Hand asset in Xero is different to the stock on hand figure in Unleashed, then you can perform some steps to address this issue. Each step is outlined below and it is best if you follow them in order:

  1. Work out when the two values last matched. This is imperative because if they never matched then there is no way they will match after using Unleashed.
  2. Make sure all transactions from Unleashed are processed in Unleashed and approved in Xero. In Unleashed at the bottom of the screen you will see your failed exports and the Xero queue. What you should be seeing is 0 failed exports and nothing in the process queue. Inside Xero you will need to make sure all your Accounts Payable / Purchase drafts from Unleashed are approved.
  3. If it is not matching by now then you should run a 'Account Transactions' report inside Xero for your Stock on Hand account. Every single transaction being made to this account should be from Unleashed so anything being posted from elsewhere will cause a variance. The report can be found under 'All Reports' in Xero.

  4. If you still cannot find what is causing the variance then you could try using the Xero Export screen to find out if everything in Unleashed has in fact been sent to Xero and approved. From this screen you can also re-export any missing transactions.

    If these steps do not help in finding the variance, then you may need to make an adjustment in Xero and monitor the balances going forward. To make sure you have the right stock figure do a stock-take in Unleashed and confirm the costs are correct. Once you have done that you can run a stock on hand enquiry and get the correct stock figure (Inventory | Stock on Hand Enquiry). You can then make the relevant changes in Xero to make them match up.

    Alternatively as a last resort, you can use the account transactions report mentioned in #3 and compare it to all the transactions coming from Unleashed to see where it has differed. Depending on how many transactions you have this could be quite time intensive.


About Xero deposits & prepayments

If you pay for something before receiving it — whether it is the full amount or a deposit— you may want to record this in your accounting and inventory system. If you have paid for something in advance, the transaction shows up on your bank statement.

Using this transaction, you can create a prepayment which means it can be then be reconciled (you can create the prepayment transaction without the entry on your bank statement as well). This means if any deposits are made regardless of whether it is you paying or receiving it you can reconcile it to a prepayment transaction in Xero. When the Sale or Purchase invoice is then sent to Xero from Unleashed you can match it up to the prepayment.


Process of handling deposits/prepayment

For sales invoices

  1. Create a Sales Invoice in Unleashed for a customer.
  2. Receive a 50% deposit from the customer before sending the goods.
  3. Record the Prepayment in your accounting provider and reconcile it to the 50% deposit.
  4. When sending the goods to the customer completes the invoice in Unleashed.
  5. Match the Prepayment in your accounting provider to the newly created Accounts Receivable Invoice (from Unleashed).

For purchase orders

  1. Create & send a purchase order from Unleashed.
  2. Pay a 50% deposit to the Supplier before receiving the goods.
  3. Record the Prepayment in your accounting provider, and reconcile it to the 50% deposit.
  4. When receiving the physical order, receipt it in Unleashed.
  5. Match the Prepayment in your accounting provider to the newly created Accounts Payable Invoice (from Unleashed).


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